Astros vs. Dodgers World Series Game Six Pick – October 31st

If Dave Roberts could pick his Halloween costume tonight, he’d likely go with Doc Brown. That way he could hop in his Flux Capacitor, set the time for mid-summer, and go back and rest his bullpen…

The Dodgers have found themselves on the wrong end of two of the wildest and most thrilling games in the history of the World Series, and because of that, are one loss away from losing the series; a series, that with a few breaks or just one or two more bullpen outs, would already have ended with a parade in Los Angeles nearly thirty years in the making. Could-have, should-have, would-have, right? None of that matters tonight, as the Dodgers face a do-or-die situation at home, where they went a magical 57-24 this regular season, plus 6-1 in the postseason to push the mark to 63-25, or nearly 72%.

The edge would seem to be in the Dodgers direction, except for one pesky problem; JUSTIN VERLANDER.

Can the Dodgers extend the season and force a Game Seven? Can we as fans really be SO LUCKY as to get a Game Seven in the World Series two years in a row?? I’ll put my own MLB seven game winning streak on the line tonight as well as we dive in to today’s MLB Pick (and in the off chance I am wrong – thanks for reading this season – see ya in the Spring). Hopefully I’ll see you guys again tomorrow as we all gather around the sets for some MLB history…

Today’s MLB Pick:

WORLD SERIES GAME SIX (Astros lead 3-2)

Houston Astros +105 at Los Angeles Dodgers -115 (Total: 7.5)
Justin Verlander vs. Rich Hill

Just on the surface, this game should belong to the starting pitchers, right? Well, I would have said the same thing several times this series, most notably Game Four, and we all know how THAT turned out. The bats have been the story (that and insane drama) so far in the thrilling 2017 World Series, and somehow, someway, I think they’ll carve out some runs tonight as well.

Verlander has been perfect since joining the Astros, but his Game Two start wasn’t as dominant as the rest of his Houston sample size. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is again very good tonight but also allows a few runs. The same for Rich Hill. His leash has been short all season, as Roberts rarely if ever lets him face the lineup the third time. The Dodgers pen has been a strength all season long – as automatic as any bullpen in recent memory. But that has faded a bit in the postseason, so once again I think both teams have a chance to stack some late runs.

This game should be tense and great, but great pitching hasn’t led to low scoring outputs as often as it seems like it should. Maybe it is just how GREAT both these offenses, especially Houston, are – or perhaps it is just late season bullpen fatigue. Either way, runs have been scored at a surprisingly high rate (and the extra innings insanity inflates the numbers a bit as well). I’ll ride that trend one more time. I can’t bet against Verlander at plus-money – and the VALUE is certainly on the Houston side. But I also have trouble seeing a team that NEVER LOSES at home folding up shop in such a huge moment.

Instead, I’ll hope for a Dodger win and a Game Seven, but “hope” isn’t a strategy for wagering. Instead, I’ll wager on both offenses and more October insanity and the total pushing past the 7.5 threshold.

Today’s MLB Pick: RUN TOTAL OVER 7.5


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