Athletics vs. Orioles MLB Pick – August 21st

If the Baltimore Orioles want to be playing in October, they better start putting an impressive streak together starting this week. The Orioles are currently 4 games behind the Angels and Twins for the final wildcard, and losing another game yesterday doesn’t help any. The O’s have lost four of their last five games to push them back away from the postseason. For the sake, hopefully they’re getting it out of their system now for long last final push. Four games isn’t the biggest mountain to climb, but as I’ve said before, this race is so tightly compacted that a lot has to go their way elsewhere as well.

The Orioles’ offense truly goes off in spurts. One night they can put up 8+ runs, and then go a few games without scoring more than a couple of runs. When they win they can win big, but it’s inconsistencies that have really plagued them. This goes back more than a few years, they’ve always been a team that has the potential but has been one of the more inconsistent teams you’ll find in the majors. Wade Miley will step up for the Orioles this evening.

Ahead of the Orioles who are also on the outside looking in are the Rays, Rangers, Mariners, and then the Royals. Then you have the Twins and Angels tied for the final wildcard, and the Yankees in control of the other seed. Is it going to be difficult? Yes, the odds are stacked against the Orioles, but not nearly impossible. They should be feeling lucky that they’re 60-64 and I’m talking about them possibly playing in the postseason.

The Athletics are second to last in the American League, so they have nothing to concern themselves with. They can start their vacation very soon, and if the O’s don’t get going, they’ll be joining them. The A’s will try and make life a little more frustrating for the Orioles behind Chris Smith on Monday. Find our free Athletics vs. Orioles betting pick below. Only one more week until college football!

Oakland Athletics vs. Baltimore Orioles Pick

Chris Smith (0-2, 5.26 ERA) vs. Wade Miley (6-10, 5.21 ERA)

The Athletics tried to make it work this season, but when the realization sunk in that it wasn’t going to happen, they pulled the cord on the season at the trade deadline. In a move that was like a white flag waving, the A’s shipped Sonny Gray out to the Bronx. Gray gave the Athletics several years of quality work on the mound, but I think they made the right move in getting what they could for him. Since then, the Athletics have been trying to find a rotation combination for the future. For pitchers like Chris Smith it’s been an audition. Smith hasn’t done anything to get anybody excited. The 36-year-old, who was out of baseball between 2010 to 2016, has been finding it hard to produce as a starter.

Smith enters Monday with an ERA of 5.26, which I believe is the best you’re going to get out of him. I don’t know what you can expect from a guy like Smith who has never been a fixture in a starting rotation, and away from the game for five years. He made thirteen relief appearances a year ago, but no starts. Smith is starting because the A’s rotation is depleted.

The first start of his career came in 2017. In his last three outings, he posted a 6.61 ERA and 1.35 WHIP. On the road he owns a 5.62 ERA and 1.44 WHIP. Wade Miley isn’t Cy Young or anything, but the A’s have had issues hitting left-handed pitching. On the season they’ve hit lefties for a .230 BA and in their last ten games a .200, compared to .280 against righties. If the Orioles don’t take this game against Chris Smith they can just call it a season. I don’t think they lose here, though. I see the Orioles getting a needed win tonight at Camden Yards.


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