Athletics vs. Twins MLB Pick – August 23rd

The Oakland Athletics suffered a setback last night, but it doesn’t take away from everything they’ve accomplished. The Athletics have stormed all the way back to grab a wildcard and threatening the Astros in the American League West. They were tied with the Astros a few days ago, but the ‘Stros have since secured a slight edge by 1-game.

It would be a shame if after all this the A’s somehow miss the postseason, but they are in a good spot with a 4.5-game lead over the Mariners. For the Mariners, it’s a shame that it doesn’t look like they are heading to the postseason. Things were looking so promising in the first-half when they had it all working for them, even without Robinson Cano in the lineup. The Astros took a 10-7 win over the Mariners last night.

Despite the loss for the A’s against the Rangers, they are still 7-3 in their last ten games. They head to Minnesota for the weekend where they’ll face the Twins for four games. Following this series, they play in an ultra important series against the Astros in Houston.

Everyone will be watching that one to see what transpires. It’s important to win their games against teams who won’t be going to the postseason. They have a winnable series against the Twins this weekend, but teams with nothing to lose like the Twins can be a pesky out. Trevor Cahill is scheduled to get the start for the Athletics, while the Twins will go with rookie Kohl Stewart. Get our free Athletics vs. Twins pick and writeup below.

Oakland Athletics vs. Minnesota Twins Pick

Trevor Cahill (5-2, 3.12 ERA) vs. Kohl Stewart (0-1, 7.71 ERA)

Trevor Cahill has been a fine addition to the rotation for the Athletics. Cahill came back to where his major league career began in Oakland. He was with the A’s for three years between 2009 to 2011, and then bounced around between Diamondbacks, Braves, Cubs, Royals, and Padres before landing back in Oakland. He is on pace for one of his best years in the majors.

He hit a career-high of 2.97 as a starter in 2010 and is just shy of matching that. If Cahill could just pitch at home every outing he’d smash the 2.97. Cahill has posted an impressive 0.85 ERA and 0.76 WHIP in the friendly confines of the Coliseum. However, when he turns to the road, his ERA jumps up to 6.62. Cahill also has a 1.47 WHIP and .353 OBA compared to his fantastic numbers in Oakland. He’s given up 16 runs in his last four outings on the road. The Twins have done well against Cahill, with a .314 batting average and .400 OBP.

Kohl Stewart will make the third start of his career against the A’s tonight. The Twins are giving Stewart a chance in the majors to prove himself. This is a time for him to showcase his talent. The Twins are still waiting for the talent to arrive. He didn’t make it very far in his first two outings, getting yanked after 4.1 and 2.2 innings. Stewart allowed 3 runs in each for a 7.71 ERA, 2.29 WHIP, and .486 OBA. It wasn’t against a strong offense either, both games were vs what is essentially a Triple-A lineup, the Detroit Tigers. The Athletics should find some offense against Stewart in this one. With all of that considered, there will likely be enough runs here to get it OVER the total.

The Bet: OVER 9.5 (-105)

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