Braves vs. Cardinals MLB Pick – August 11th

Are you guys getting sick of me yet? Waiting for me to post a smiling pick with my Cardinals hat on and my Lou Brock throwback? Let me assure you, I am no fan of the Redbirds (I’ll keep my allegiances private, though will also gladly admit, the more I write and wager, the more my allegiances are as fickle as hopefully, yours are as well). My favorite team is SHOW ME THE MONEY, and no team has been showin’ out the last seven days like the St. Louis Cardinals.

There is a good chance if you are not a Cardinals fan, but love baseball, you have wanted to punch Yadi in his neck tattoo one or two times while yelling at your television. He tends to evoke that in opposing fans. Yet, he has been evoking a far different emotion in bettors lately; one of elation as the Cards offense has been a money-vomiting ATM over the past week.

They’ve been a prime factor in my personal four-game rally, and at the risk of being greedy, I’m going back to the well again tonight for a third straight time, looking for win number five.

Today’s MLB Pick:

Atlanta Braves +126 at St. Louis Cardinals -136 (Total: 9)
Mike Foltynewicz (10-6, 3.94 ERA) vs. Adam Wainwright (11-5, 5.00 ERA)

It isn’t often you see a guy with an ERA of 5.00 with an 11-5 record for a team that has languished near .500 most of the season, but despite some really bad starts weighing down the numbers (and a disastrous April), Adam Wainwright has been good enough more often than not – good enough to win a bunch of ballgames for the surging Cardinals.

He struggled a bit with his command in Cincinnati last week in his first start since June 22nd. His release point looked a little off, but the Cardinals aren’t too concerned about his health. It was just a rusty outing, and he will have plenty of offense to afford some wiggle room tonight. The Cardinals have tallied 54 runs during their six game winning streak and will be looking for more facing the Braves Foltynewicz tonight.

Foltynewicz enters with an ERA just under four, and an impressive streak where his team has won nine of his last ten starts, with him delivering six quality starts in the process. Those are impressive numbers, and reason to at least consider backing off the Cardinals, but not enough to scare me away. Great pitching can stymie great hitting, but I’m not sure I’m willing to call his recent performance “great.” Yes, they have won games, but “really good” is a better description. Batters are still hitting .264 off him this season, and he is going on the road to face a scorching hot lineup tonight.

I’ll keep riding the hot hand until further notice.


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