Cincinnati Reds Philadelphia Phillies Betting Odds NLDS Game 1

The second game on the slate for the opening day of the MLB playoffs. We continue to the home of the Philadelphia Phillies for the series to start at Citizens Bank Park, as the Cincinnati Reds get set to go off at 5:07pm ET, Wednesday October 4th, 2010. Philadelphia held their own against the Reds this year winning 5 of 7. Phillies pitchers also were about to handle Cincy batters with 57 strikeouts versus 39 for the Reds pitchers. Edison Volquez looking to make his mark and will need to be at his best to beat Roy Halladay who if there’s a more consistent pitcher out there I haven’t found him. The only issue with Doc is the lack of playoff experience.

Cincinnati has made the most of its chances but talked a good game but couldn’t put up the type of effort and result needed to knock off the St.Louis Cardinals as the Cards had their way with them over 2010. But alas STL sits five back and out of the playoffs, due to their lackluster play when it counted, they beat the Reds but not any others. The Reds are not a mentally tough team and aren’t able to match the skill level of the pitchers that Phila. can. Lacking a true ace, they turn to Volquez who made 12 starts and his biggest highlight was holding the backstop cage and cleat-kicking some players who had left the dugout during a melee.

The Philadelphia Phillies have the second best home record in the Majors. With a playoff tested lineup they now have one of if not the deepest rotations in the Majors. There is not much to tinker with and not to like about this ballclub. Some though turn to a level of players being complacent as they get ready for the World Series run once again. Outfielder Shane Victorino, though he has struggled, settled on some good numbers and looks to add what the Phillies need in this series. Raul Ibanez’s numbers went down as expected, last year and before that with Seattle were rumor filled with rampant reports of steroids as the age is up their and most couldn’t fathom the thought of his best season coming this late. Polanco doing his part taking over at third for this post-season run, adding another proven and playoff tested veteran.

Cincinnati vs Philadelphia NLDS Game 1 Spread, Line and Betting Odds


Reds (+190)
@ Phillies (-210)

Run Line:

Cincinnati +1.5 (-130)
@ Philadelphia -1.5 (+110)


Over (+100)
Under (-120)

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Reds vs Phillies NLDS Prediction for Game 1:

Spread Prediction (TOP PLAY) – No current batter versus pitcher matchups are that concerning or offer any advantages, though some former American Leaguers on the Reds have seen Halladay around 25 times each, compared to no batter facing Edison more than 9 times. Including all of the stats, they are alarming in favor of the Phillies as they did win 19 of 24 down the stretch and the Reds could barely stay at the .500 level going 12-12. I advise most to get the better price on the run line so my pick is put with the Doctor. If you aren’t comfortable winning by two parlay it with any other selection. PREDICTION = PHILLIES (-210)

Game Total Prediction – Volquez shows his worth as a #1 starter going 2-0 with a 0.73 ERA over his career against the Phillies. Halladay if it weren’t for Edison showing so well would be a good bet to win this one with no reserves, culminating in a 1-1 record and a highly respectable 2.84 ERA versus Cincy. With these numbers look for a very close game, the Reds may be able to squeak one or two runs out in the early innings, but Volquez is in tough and will need to go deep to keep this one close in the end. I see this one going to a maximum of 6-1 Phila. PREDICTION = UNDER -7

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