Cubs vs. Diamondbacks Pick – MLB May 22nd

Being a Cubs fan has to be frustrating. That has to be the understatement of the century actually, but is it ever true. This is looking like their best year in quite a while, but they make it so painful for their fans. I was watching a Cubs game the other night, and I believe all of the runs they allowed against the San Diego Padres were due to errors. Castro couldn’t handle a simple ball at short, a ball was overthrown to the infield, and so forth. Nevertheless, despite frustrating things like that keeping the Cubs from excelling, they are still in pretty good shape and have been playing pretty good baseball lately. The Cubs are winners of 8-2 in their last ten games and appear to be putting the talent together on the field. There is far too much talent on the Cubs roster for them to not be a pretty good team this season. If they don’t make the postseason then I think it is safe to say this was a failure for them this season. They are young though, so there are going to be opportunities abound for them to be in positions to be relevant in the future. I can see it now, the Cubs coming close to winning a World Series only for the curse to rear its ugly head again. At least there is hope for Cubs’ fans from here and the foreseeable future.

They continue their road trip against the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight. By all means, the Diamondbacks are being the Diamondbacks. At 17-21, the D-Backs are pretty much where we thought they were going to be at this point in the season. Sorry Dennis Green, we won’t be crowning their asses anytime soon, but the Diamondbacks are who we thought they were. Arizona is on a nice little run though, winning four straight and sweeping the Miami Marlins. On a side note, what a disappointing year for the Marlins. As far as the Diamondbacks go, they have actually been playing offensively than their record indicates. Their pitching has been below par and not helping any. The D-Backs definitely miss the services of Patrick Corbin. Still out, Corbin was a force two years ago, but has been sidelined for several months due to Tommy John surgery. He hasn’t looked too sharp in rehab stints, so it’s just a frustrating circumstance for a guy that looked like was going to blossom into a stud in Arizona. Josh Collmenter will get the start for the Diamondbacks tonight.

Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Jon Lester (4-2, 3.70 ERA) vs. Josh Collmenter (3-5, 5.36 ERA)

Jon Lester was the bigtime pitching acquisition for the Cubs in the offseason. They knew they had some offense coming up from some solid prospects, so it made sense for them to add a pitcher with a good track record to the starting rotation. Lester has good been a good addition for the Cubs, but I’m not sure he has been playing up to the standards of his salary. He had a strong 2014 with the Athletics, completing last season with a 2.35 ERA which ultimately led to a good pay day with the Cubs. He’s had moments here with the Cubs where he has shined, though. In his last start he allowed 1 run against the Pirates and in another start gave up just a run against the Cardinals. Other than getting hit hard against the Reds for 6 runs, the most he’s allowed in a start is 3. In his last three starts Lester posted an ERA of 2.25.

Diamondback Josh Collmenter has been getting chewed out lately. In his previous three starts he’s given up 18 runs. No that is not a typo. And in one of those starts against the Nationals he allowed 9 runs in only 1.1 innings pitched. In total he had a 11.30 ERA with a 1.88 WHIP in those starts. He’s also struggled mightily at home with a 6.84 ERA and 1.64 WHIP. This looks like the Cubs game to lose. I do think the ML in this game should be slightly higher than what it is. I’ll take the Cubs to continue their winning ways tonight in the desert.