Diamondbacks vs. Cubs Pick – MLB September 5th

The Cubs used to be one of those teams that you couldn’t trust betting on. It was something you just didn’t do, unless you wanted to end up in the emergency room or with your laptop thrown through the window. They were that team you were damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you had money on them they wouldn’t do anything, but when you didn’t they’d win easily. Today the Cubs have been kind to those that have been confident enough to back them. In fact, they’ve been a money machine, for sure. They are a young talented team with a bright future ahead. But the Cubs want to win now, and they look like a team that has the potential to do just that. They are young, but they aren’t playing like a young team, surpassing a lot of expectations. Unlike the Astros, the Cubs aren’t hitting a wall, they just keep on chugging along. I say the Cubs are in a much better position, then say, the Blue Jays are. The Jays are a great team and threats to win the World Series, but the Cubs are going to be a team that should be good for a long time. Jake Arrieta has been a savior for this Cubs team in 2015.

Will it be enough to snap the streak championship drought for the Cubs? If they don’t in this current era with the talent they have, then yes the Cubs are forever cursed and are never going to win a World Series again. They just destroyed the Diamondbacks for a 15-4 final, and now get to take them on with their ace on the mound. The DBacks have seemed to check out and the Cubs are taking advantage of that. It wasn’t that long ago they had a good run going, but that just shows how quickly things can change in baseball. Robbie Ray, who had a promising start to the year, will have the call for the Diamondbacks. The left-hander who came over from the Tigers, looked to rejuvenate his career in Arizona. And considering he had a 8.16 ERA in his rookie season with the Tigers last year, he has made strides with the Diamondbacks. Get the pick for the DBacks and Cubs below.

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Chicago Cubs

Robbie Ray (3-10, 3.72 ERA) vs. Jake Arrieta (13-2, 2.11 ERA)

The Cubs were in search of an ace in the offseason, which is why they went and acquired Jon Lester. While Lester has been good for the Cubs, he’s been upstaged by an unlikely suspect in rotation. Jake Arrieta is that man, as he has been the best pitcher on the Cubs’ staff by far. Arrieta comes in with a 2.11 ERA, which is fantastic, but the kind of stuff he has been doing lately is Cy Young worthy, which ranks right next to Kershaw and Greinke. In his last three starts he hasn’t allowed a single run for a 0.00 ERA. He also added a 0.52 WHIP to that equation. Going further back, he hasn’t allowed a run in five of six games. In the game he did allow a run, it was just for 2 runs.

I find it difficult to ascertain how Robbie Ray is going to be able to outpitch Jake Arrieta. Ray has had his moments this season, but I’m not entirely confident in him. Arrieta has been on that kind of level that few pitchers ever reach. I wanted to take the Cubs yesterday, I should have taken the Cubs yesterday, but let’s see if we can take advantage of it today. I thought this line would have been in the -250 range, so I still seem value with it. The Cubs’ offense should be able to take care of Ray on this Saturday. I’ll be on the Cubs.