Dodgers vs. Astros World Series Game 3 Pick – October 27th

What a wild Game 2 in Los Angeles. If you haven’t been watching the World Series, it’s time to start tuning-in. The Astros edged the Dodgers out in dramatic fashion. They came back to tie up in the 9th, and then some more craziness ensued. The Astros took the lead, the Dodgers came back, and then the ‘Stros took the lead back for good. When it was all said and done, the Astros tied the series up at 1 a piece heading to Houston. The Dodger bullpen is usually lights out, especially Kenley Jansen. When Jansen hits the hump, it’s a good bet that the game is done. Marwin Gonzalez reversed the trend, taking advantage of a cutter that Jansen left over the plate, 3-3 tie game in the 9th.

Jansen had to get 6 outs, but allowed 2, and was unable to protect a 2-run lead. Otherwise, it was a brilliant performance from Dodger pitching. If the Dodgers go on to lose the series, people will question why the Dodgers didn’t wait until the 9th to go to Jansen, but I don’t see it as an awful decision. He’s the best closer in the game, I would feel comfortable allowing Jansen to go out and get 6 outs. Expect more wild stuff happening in this series, with it going 6 or 7 games. If everything works out, we’ll go to a Game 7 and get a tight game that comes down to the 9th.

Yu Darvish will look to show why the Dodgers acquired him this season. Up to this point, Darvish has been doing everything right. Just like Justin Verlander, who the Astros got from the Tigers, has been making his club happy. The Dodgers are content with their purchase, along with the Astros. Perception could change in a hurry if Darvish has a bad start in Game 3, though. Countering Darvish will be Lance McCullers, who pitched well in the ALCS. It should be another good one. Head below for our free World Series Game 3 pick.

L.A. Dodgers vs. Houston Astros Pick

Yu Darvish (10-12, 3.86 ERA) vs. Lance McCullers (7-4, 4.25 ERA)

The Dodgers would have been set-up beautifully with a 2-0 series lead heading to Houston, but that’s sports. Close isn’t good enough. The Dodgers are fortunate enough to have a workhorse in their stable slated to start in Game 3. Yu has been untouchable of late, not allowing more than a run per game since September 8th against the Rockies. In his final three starts of the regular season, Darvish posted a 0.47 ERA, while allowing just 9 hits and walking one. He owns a 1.59 ERA in the postseason, as he got a couple of wins for the Dodgers.

Darvish is familiar with the Astros from his days with the Rangers. He’s pitched well at Minute Maid, yielding a 2.16 ERA and record of 4-1. Astro batters are hitting him for just .190 in 163 at-bats. Conversely, there isn’t much history between McCullers and the Dodgers. With 22 at-bats, he allowed a BA of .455 to the Dodgers. Either hasn’t missed against him and Puig is 2-of-3 at the plate against McCullers. Lance holds an ERA of 2.08 in the postseason, so he’s been looking fine. This will come down to the bullpens in the end, though, and I believe the Dodgers come back strong after the collapse in Game 2. It should be another good game, but it’s hard to pass up Darvish at this price as hot as he’s been.


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