Dodgers vs. Marlins Pick MLB – August 21st

All good things come to an end, and all good streaks in gambling always come to an end. That’s what happened to me last night, as the Pittsburgh Pirates throttled the hapless San Diego Padres, 8-1. 8-1 seems like a bad miss on an UNDER 6.5, but in fact, we were one strike away from getting out of this with a 5-1 final. In the top of the 7th with 2 outs and the count 0-2, the Pirates hit a bases loaded triple to clear the bases. No more runs were scored from then on out. Ah well, haven’t missed a baseball pick since last Sunday so it was time to come back to earth. But, let’s get back to cloud 9 now shall we and start up another winning streak Wednesday night.

Free MLB Pick:

Los Angeles Dodgers -170 at Miami Marlins +156 (Total: 7)

Zack Greinke (11-3, 3.02 ERA) vs. Nathan Eovaldi (2-3, 3.96 ERA)

Another day in the wacky season of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Once bottom dwellers, the Dodgers are now a legitimate threat at being the last team standing in October. They were featured recently in the press as a result of a couple players out partying hard before their game Monday night in Miami. Without even revealing the players names, I’m sure you can guess right off the bat that one of them was Yasiel Puig. Of course one of them was Puig, the other being Hanlez Ramirez. Dodgers and Puig responded to the criticism nicely last night, notching a 6-4 win.

The Dodgers will try for 2 in a row with one of, if not the hottest pitcher in all of baseball pitching. Zack Greinke comes in with a solid ERA of 3.02, but the work he has done recently is simply fantastic. In his last three starts, Greinke posted an ERA of 0.90 with a 1.15 WHIP. During those three games Greinke only allowed 2 runs with none of them being homers. The combination of Greinke and Ryu should prove to be a powerful punch once October rolls around. To add to Greinke’s pitching, he is also an excellent hitting pitcher, a fact that often gets overlooked when looking at NL pitchers. Greinke should be able to keep an inconsistent Marlins’ offense at bay Wednesday night.

Nathan Eovaldi’s name doesn’t quite have the same ring to it that Greinke does, but he has pitched well this season. The problem with Eovaldi is that when he is off, well he is really off. For instance, in his last start against the Giants he got ripped for 11 runs in only 3 innings pitched. A 6.5 total ended up flying over from a 24 game. Both offenses uncharacteristically came out to play that day. Another example of Eovaldi getting beat up badly was on July 20th where he gave up 6 runs to the Brewers in 4 innings. However, when Eovaldi is on he can do no wrong. Most notably in day games, but at night is a different story. I don’t think I have capped many games from this perspective this season, but when there is a big discrepancy as this I take notice. Eovaldi holds a 1.71 ERA in the day, but it blows up to 6.19 at night.

After the Dodgers took a little bit of criticism for Monday because of the night before, I think they are going to pick it back up and get on another roll. The ML of -170 is too pricey for me, but I think the Dodgers take this one by at least 2 runs so sign my up for the RL.

Free Pick: Los Angeles Dodgers -1.5