Dodgers vs. Mets Pick – MLB July 26th

A few days after we got Zack Greinke vs. Max Scherzer, we get Greinke against another flamethrower, Jacob deGrom. Move over Matt Harvey because deGrom is the newest and best in New York for the Mets. Unfortunately Harvey had to go through with surgery on his shoulder, which has undoubtedly made an impact on his pitching ability. deGrom has stepped in though and has made the best of his opportunity. He has cemented his status as the ace of the Mets’ staff as Harvey tries to regain his peak playing abilities, if he ever does again that is. For any pitcher on this staff it has to be tough. Tough due to the fact their offense ranks as one of the worst in the majors. Pitchers have no room for error, or it is almost certain that the game is going to result in a loss. Even for a pitcher as good as deGrom is, he can’t be off for any inning or the Mets will probably end up with a loss.

If you’re a team that has a hard time scoring runs then Greinke is not the pitcher you want to see. Anybody but Greinke, literally. He has been at his best this season, and as things go, he’ll probably have his worst start of the year against one of the worst offenses in the league today. No, I’m just kidding. Greinke should be able to handle this Mets’ offense fairly easily. However, the guy on the other side is quite the pitcher himself, so this may be a case of who can score 3 runs first will win the game. A 1 run lead in this game could feel like a 3 run lead in any other. The Dodgers are one of those teams contemplating making serious moves at the deadline. There is room for improvement on the Dodgers, and going all-in with a big move could be in the works. One thing I do know is that Greinke won’t be going anywhere, as the Dodgers are hoping he’s going to be the one to lead them to a World Series. For the Mets, they are still in the hunt for the postseason, so there is some mystery around what they’re going to do as well. I for one am only going to focus on today though, as we search for a winner Sunday.

L.A. Dodgers vs. N.Y. Mets

Zack Greinke (9-2, 1.30 ERA) vs. Jacob deGrom (10-6, 2.18 ERA)

Observing deGrom’s W/L record and ERA says a lot about the state of the Mets. deGrom has a 2.18 ERA, yet he is only at 10-6. Not a bad mark, but for a 2.18 ERA you would think it’d be better. The offense is to blame for the Mets. If you were taking a look at yesterday’s final score, a 15-2 win for the Mets, you would think this team must have a big offense. Yesterday was easily the most they’ve scored in a game this season. Hell, 15 runs in a week would have been big for the Mets.

So my problem with the Mets today is how is the offense going to respond against the best pitcher in all of baseball today? They just put up 15 runs and must feel pretty good that they got it out of the way before they faced Greinke. Before that 15 run onslaught, the Mets scored only 5 runs total in the previous three games. That is about on par with what we expect from the Mets this season. Greinke hasn’t allowed a run since June 13th, seven starts ago. That kind of production is the best I have seen in all of my years of watching baseball. You have to side with him here. The Dodgers just got railed yesterday, and I think come back strong behind Greinke. I will be on the Dodgers today, on a price I feel is a little short with Greinke.