FanDuel MLB DFS Picks – August 24th

After a very quiet four-game slate on Thursday, we look to end the week in strong fashion on a big slate (14 games). Friday’s are usually good for these massive schedules, so if you’re looking to close the working week out with a big win, this could be the slate for you.

There are a plethora of options to consider across the board. Huge slates like this offer up loads of viable arms, while you could argue numerous stacks and one-off bats to roster as well. I’m rolling out a lineup mixed of some of my favorite MLB DFS picks. Some are studs, some are values, some are super chalky and some are contrarian.

The goal is to come away with a team that can rise up the ranks in a GPP at FanDuel. Let’s see if this lineup can do that on Friday night:

SP: Rich Hill – Los Angeles Dodgers ($8.8k)

This isn’t the greatest slate for pitching, but there are still a handful of viable options up top. I’m not really seeing any value arms that scream out to me, either, so chalk or not, I’m going to plop Hill down in my pitcher slot and move along.

Hill hasn’t been amazing lately, but he hasn’t been in bad form necessarily, either. He’s run into some tough offenses, though, so no finished below 28 fantasy points over his last six starts is something to be noted.

I think he’s in for a gem, as the Padres are not a scary offense. If you can’t even consistently get it going in Coors, you know you have some problems. Hill obviously has a terrific matchup in front of him and is at home. He doesn’t go that deep into games, but he’s got the best matchup on the board.

C/1B: Yonder Alonso – Cleveland Indians ($2.9k)

I’m always down for a cheap Tribe bat and Alonso can really wreck right-handed pitching. Tonight he gets Brad Keller, who is farting around with ground balls and just isn’t sustainable with how he’s been skating by. I’m sure Cleveland gets to him tonight and while I don’t want to pay for their pricey bats, Alonso’s dong potential at this price is pretty alluring.

2B: Brian Dozier – Los Angeles Dodgers ($3.3k)

Dozier has a history of wrecking southpaws and tonight he gets a beatable one in Clayton Richard. Dozier has been rather quiet in the dong department, too (no homers in 14 games), so I think it’s high time he goes yard again. He’s a bargain price given his historic splits edge and power upside.

3B: Eduardo Nunez – Boston Red Sox ($2.1k)

Boston gets a major park downgrade as they start a road series with the Rays, while we can’t be sure if Nunez will even be in the lineup. He is almost the bare minimum, however, so I need to take a chance here on a guy who can get on base and swipe some bags.

Anyone that is this cheap and operating out of this nasty offense has to get your attention and Nunez has mine tonight if he’s active.

SS: Carlos Correa – Houston Astros ($3.6k)

I’m not really going crazy with stacks in this lineup, but anytime you can get the Astros on a big slate, I’m all for it. Correa is one piece to the puzzle, especially since Houston faces Andrew Heaney in a pitcher’s park.

Few will be excited to load up on the Astros, but they hit lefties quite well. Correa is one of them that does that and he continues he be too cheap given his power and efficiency.

OF: Nelson Cruz – Seattle Mariners ($3.4k)

Nellie is best used against southpaws, but he’s just way too cheap for tonight’s showdown in the desert against Zack Godley. The God is a pretty steady arm, but Cruz can take anyone yard. At this price, he’s worth a roll of the dice.

OF: Kike Hernandez – Los Angeles Dodgers ($2.5k)

I’m not really into stacking any offenses on this slate. The only team I’ll double-dip on is L.A., who will be at home against a beatable lefty. You can also throw in Justin Turner and Manny Machado if you have the funds, but Dozier and Enrique here slay lefties with the best of them.

Hernandez saves me cash and brings money splits to the table. He’s a must-have money saver for me tonight.

OF: Rhys Hoskins – Philadelphia Phillies ($3.6k)

Hoskins wrecked southpaws last year and while his numbers have dipped, we know he’s still a power hitter who can attack all pitchers. This is another long ball artist who is enduring a small dry spell (six games) and with a lefty in front of him in a good park for offense, I think he sends one deep.

Util: J.D. Martinez – Boston Red Sox ($4.8k)

Martinez is one of the best mashers in baseball and he hasn’t donged in five games. He’s probably due to do so, but even with no homers in this recent stretch, he’s still topped 12+ fantasy points three times. He’s one of the best options in MLB DFS and he’s worth paying up for.


Last night really wasn’t a place for stacks. My team was actually pretty good, but you basically needed a perfect roster to get anywhere. Friday is a fine slate for stacks, but I just don’t see many I’m enamored with. You can go all in with the Dodgers, Astros, Red Sox or Yankees, but the matchups and park factors really aren’t that enticing elsewhere.

I’m grabbing Rich Hill and running, while a slew of one-offs with a mini Dodgers stack feels like a solid way to go. Sometimes seeking out the end of long ball droughts can be profitable, especially when the splits, matchup and/or park factor can be of use.

This feels like a solid all around team for this slate, as I’m dipping my toe in a lot of high power offenses. I won’t be doing full stacks on this slate, but feel free to fire some up that I touched on.

Whether you’re with me on this exact lineup or you just use a few of my MLB DFS picks, I wish you luck in your FanDuel contests tonight!


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