FanDuel MLB DFS Picks – August 25th

Last night was pretty solid if you went with my MLB DFS picks. Rich Hill (52 fantasy points!) was fantastic at home against the Padres, while I nailed a few bats with Yonder Alonso (double dong!), Carlos Correa (31 fantasy points), Brian Dozier (21) and Kike Hernandez (15) all working out nicely.

I had to make changes due to Nelson Cruz being a late scratch. That got me on Edwin Encarnacion (0), who kept me from a big win. Depending on your pivots before the first games locked, perhaps you had a big night.

I hope that’s the case, but it’s onward and upward come Saturday. I’ll try to keep the good vibes going with some solid daily fantasy baseball picks to use at FanDuel. Let’s get to it:

SP: Robbie Ray – Arizona Diamondbacks ($7.8k)

There are a ton of elite arms to chase on this slate, but they all cost some major coin. I won’t get you off of the likes of Clayton Kershaw, Justin Verlander or Corey Kluber, but I also don’t think they’re necessary to win a GPP.

It’s going to take the perfect string of value plays to win with those guys strapping you for cash.

I’ll just drop down to Ray. I know he has had issues at home and gives up a lot of contact. He also faces a disciplined Mariners team that has some dangerous righties. That being said, Ray still has an elite K rate and is arguably way too cheap given his natural talent.

This is a pure talent/value play. The matchup isn’t mouth-watering and Ray has struggled in his home park. Hopefully the price and his K upside shine through here. This is a bargain and it helps me get some elite bats I covet.

If you’re not into this, just pay up for Kershaw and try to fit in some of the bats below as you’re able.

C/1B: Chris Davis – Baltimore Orioles ($2k)

Crush went yard last night and assuming he plays game two of today’s double-header against the Yanks, he might do so again. Sonny Gray has been abysmal for the pinstripes and coughs up a lot of contact. He’s had more trouble versus righties, but he still gets hit hard (41%) by lefties.

Davis is the mother of all GPP tries, but he can always dong and he’s facing a pitcher that has displayed bad form in a really explosive ballpark. For the minimum price, he’s a fine try.

2B: Brian Dozier – Los Angeles Dodgers ($3.2k)

I’m down for a couple Dodgers bats tonight, especially since the ones I like are so cheap. Dozier worked out nicely for us yesterday and I think he can again. He hits righties plenty fine (.204 ISO) and faces a guy in Brett Kennedy (.566 wOBA, .300 ISO!) that has had serious trouble against righties so far.

The sample size is small, but I don’t need a bunch of games to tell me to play Dozier or any Dodgers tonight. Beyond everything else, Dozier can mash it and is too cheap given his talent, matchup and general upside.

3B: Jose Ramirez – Cleveland Indians ($5k)

The 3B position is stacked as usual, so with a litany of options on the board, I like the chances of a super procey J-Ram going slightly overlooked. He’s in a bad park, too, so I don’t anticipate his ownership being crazy.

I also love him for his splits (.370 ISO, .461 wOBA!) and the fact that he’s one of the best mashers in the game. Considering he hasn’t donged in over a week, the clock is ticking. In fact, I’m calling my shot and betting Ramirez launches twice in this one.

SS: Carlos Correa – Houston Astros ($3.5k)

Correa is still way too cheap given his talent and upside. I’m fine with that, as SS is loaded and ownership is going to be divided up over several options. He’s a terrific pivot off of a likely popular Paul DeJong, who is just $300 more.

I like DeJong as much as everyone else, but Correa and his Astros always go overlooked and they’re facing a very beatable righty in Jaime Barria. Barria has the benefit of pitching in a pretty conservative ballpark, but he also gives up an absurd amount of contact (.241 ISO, .391 wOBA) to the right side of the plate.

Correa and his attractive splits (.206 ISO) are very much in play here.

OF: Stephen Piscotty – Oakland Athletics ($2.9k)

Oakland remains in a hitter’s park and they’ll be facing a beatable southpaw. Khris Davis and Matt Chapman will garner major interest across all fomats, but I’ll get in on this popular stack by actually (hopefully) being a bit contrarian.

Piscotty gets me cheap exposure and he brings nice enough splits (.188 ISO) to the table. Oakland as a whole is an extreme fly ball offense and they get a big bump in park factor, so basically any option is worth a look tonight.

OF: Mark Canha – Oakland Athletics ($2.6k)

I’m looking to score some elite value and where better to look than cheap Athletics? Chad Pinder ($2.5k) and Ramon Laureano ($2.7k) are also worth a look, but I think they’ll be a little more popular. Canha bats lower in the order, so hopefully his disgusting .320 ISO versus lefties goes overlooked tonight.

Another cheap pivot could be Adam Duvall ($2.1k), provided he gets the start tonight. He’d be facing a lefty and he put up a .290 ISO in these spots in 2017.

OF: Joc Pederson – Los Angeles Dodgers ($3.1k)

I like Dozier, but if you use just one Dodgers bat, make it Joc. Pederson tends to lead off and thanks to his gaudy .299 ISO against right-handed pitching, he’s a fantastic one-off play. I like him as part of a two-man stack.

Util: Charlie Blackmon – Colorado Rockies ($4.7k)

I want J-Ram tonight and I’m a bit torn on whether or not to grab Giancarlo Stanton or Chuck. I’ll roll with Blackmon, seeing as he’s got the better spot when it comes to ballpark and splits, while I also don’t need to make any changes to the rest of my team to get him into my lineup.

Blackmon wrecks right-handed pitching (.355 wOBA, .219 ISO) and looks to be going on one of his classic tears after registering 12+ fantasy points in each of his last four contests.

I doubt his hot run cools down tonight, as he’s at home in the best park in baseball and gets the beatable John Gant. Even the best hurlers get wrecked in this park, so Gant and his contact issues (40% fly ball and 57% hard hit rates vs. L) could be a problem in this park.

Feel free to stack up the Rockies lefties (or just Colorado bats in general), but I really only need Blackmon.


I’m not going out of my way for full stacks tonight. I want pieces of the Rockies, Dodgers, Athletics, Indians and Astros, but I don’t necessarily need to cram in full three or four-man stacks to get where I want to go.

Robbie Ray is the key to this team. I have confidence my bats will get the job done, but whether Ray can get it going at home in the face of a pretty tough matchup could decide my fate. Again, pay up for Kershaw if you don’t want to roll the dice here, but this is what GPPs are all about.

Whatever you decide tonight, I wish you luck in your daily fantasy baseball contests at FanDuel. Enjoy the games!


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