FanDuel MLB DFS Picks – August 30th

Last night was a disaster. The pitching was shaky across the board and that certainly extended to Sean Newcomb, who had a heck of a time with the Tampa Bay Rays, of all teams. You probably weren’t unscathed on Wednesday, as some of the best arms on the slate either struggled to return value or got completely destroyed.

Trea Turner donged and a few of my bats could have helped you out, but that was one wild and crazy slate.

I’m ready to flush that one down the toilet and move on. Thursday night brings us an eight-game schedule and it’s potentially pretty similar to last night. I’m hoping it’s just less absurd.

Let’s get to my favorite MLB DFS picks and see if we can’t piece together a GPP-winner at FanDuel:

SP: German Marquez – Colorado Rockies ($9k)

Marquez feels like a lock for me. Justin Verlander is the top option and this is a way better slate for pitching than the trash heap we saw last night, but Marquez has the best matchup on the board.

Not only does Marquez get away from the brutal Coors Field, but he’s in a pitcher’s haven against a San Diego offense that lacks reliable pop.

The power they do have usually shows up against southpaws, too, while Marquez comes in with fantastic form. He’s notched 40+ fantasy points six consecutive starts, securing a QS each time and a win thrice during that span.

It’s baseball, so things can go wrong. However, Marquez has an amazing matchup, has looked good and isn’t an absurd price.

Robbie Ray is just $8k flat and is worth a mention, but I’m pretty much exclusively into Marquez on this slate.

C/1B: Tyler White – Houston Astros ($3.1k)

White is at home against a solid pitcher in Andrew Heaney tonight, but Heaney gives up a good amount of contact and can be vulnerable to righty power. White specializes in smashing left-handed pitching (.349 ISO), so I have no concerns about trying him at this low price tag. A full Astros stack is always a fine choice, but I’m just using the one in this lineup.

2B: Ian Kinsler – Boston Red Sox ($2.7k)

I don’t want to go chalky and pick a bunch of Red Sox. They have a great matchup in a good park, so they should be pretty highly owned. I don’t mind getting cheap exposure to them, though. Kinsler is not pricey at all and he’s been on fire over his last three games. He’s an auto play for me on this slate.

3B: Eduardo Nunez – Boston Red Sox ($2.6k)

This position is loaded, but again, I can get a cheap Sox bat. This serves as a heat check for Nunez, who has donged in each of his last two contests.

I doubt he dongs again here, but again, Boston is a great offense in a really nice spot. A couple of hits, 1-2 runs and maybe a steal would quickly turn him into a great pick.

SS: Trevor Story – Colorado Rockies ($3.7k)

Story isn’t always a quick pick when he’s outside of Coors, while a date with a ground ball pitcher in a conservative ballpark isn’t ideal at all. Still, he does face a bad lefty in Clayton Richard. Story offers monster pop against southpaws and Richard has had issues against viable righties throughout his career.

The park isn’t fun, but that could play into lowered ownership. A full stack of Rockies righties feels sneaky here, but I’ll just try a one-off stick.

OF: Giancarlo Stanton – New York Yankees ($4.5k)

Stanton has not been good. He’s in an ugly 2-27 rut and he hasn’t hit a long ball since the 18th. I totally get it if you don’t want to pay a premium for a dude who simply hasn’t been worth it lately.

That being said, he’s still Stanton and he’s in Yankee Stadium against Francisco Liriano. Liriano gives up a lot of contact, while Stanton mashes southpaws (.448 wOBA, .336 ISO). He could bomb just like he has been for so long, but he’s in such a money spot. I have to trust the talent and numbers and roll the dice here.

The best part is you could get Stanton at really suppressed ownership. Boston is on this slate and after scoring a million runs last night, everyone will want them. For GPPs, I’m giving the top Red Sox bats the hard fade and paying up for Stanton.

OF: Shohei Ohtani – Los Angeles Angels ($3k)

Targeting Justin Verlander is not normally suggested, but Mike Trout will probably be the lone Halos bat anyone else will seriously consider. JV benefits from a pitcher’s park, but Ohtani destroys right-handed pitching and Verlander absolutely gives up some contact. This is a big risk, but I love Ohtani’s power and he’s simply too cheap given his talent and upside.

OF: Mark Canha – Oakland Athletics ($2.7k)

Chad Pinder ($2.3k) is also on the table here, but Canha and his nasty .315 ISO versus lefties is what I crave. He usually bats low in the order, so I doubt his ownership will be too high. Fortunately he’s facing Wade LeBlanc, who isn’t atrocious but certainly isn’t an arm to shy away from.

You can fire up an Athletics stack, but LeBlanc has been solid on the year and this is still a pitcher’s park. I’ll keep my exposure to Canha’s awesome splits.

Util: Nicholas Castellanos – Detroit Tigers ($3.6k)

Lastly, I really like Castellanos as he and his Tigers take on J.A. Happ at Yankee Stadium. Happ is a high strikeout arm who I don’t necessarily want to stack against, but a one-off try with a guy sporting a mean .467 wOBA (.225 ISO) against southpaws isn’t a bad idea.


Last night was a pretty good example of how your team isn’t going to go very far if your pitcher doesn’t work out. It was also a great example of a really bad pitching slate.

I said in yesterday’s intro that I didn’t feel comfortable with the pitching options and Newcomb was all that stood out to me. He racked up seven strikeouts, but just gave up way too much contact.

I’m hoping German Marquez can fare better. He absolutely is in a way better spot, though, so there is plenty of reason to believe he will.

This isn’t a bad night to fire up a stack or even combine two. I just don’t feel drawn to any one in particular. You can stack Red Sox, Yankees, Athletics, Astros and Rockies. They are all just really expensive or come with some risk. For a sneaky stack, consider the Tigers.

Overall, I think we get a good arm in Marquez and a bunch of hitters that are in good spots, offer fantastic splits or boast elite value.

Hopefully some of these MLB DFS picks help you hit it big. Regardless, I wish you luck in your FanDuel daily fantasy baseball contests tonight!


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