FanDuel MLB DFS Picks – May 23rd

Chris Sale (57 fantasy points) was a fine pitching play on a fully loaded slate last night, but hopefully some of the TSG readers listened to my secondary mentions, as both Jeremy Hellickson and Caleb Smith spun gems.

Pitching was certainly not the issue last night, but my bats were touch and go. Evan Gattis (15), Brian Dozier (21) and Jake Lamb (9) were my best plays on a night that was not great for offense in general unless you stacked Indians

Tyler O’Neill (3), Domingo Santana (3.5), Giancarlo Stanton (6) and Chris Davis (3) all at least got on the board, while Max Moroff was a late scratch.

It wasn’t my best team, but if you used my pitching suggestions you had a chance at piecing together a winner.

It’s onward and upward come Wednesday, where MLB DFS fans are met with a solid 10-game daily fantasy baseball slate. With no real weather concerns, we can dive in and look at my favorite MLB squad to use in FanDuel GPPs:

SP: David Price – Boston Red Sox ($7.9k)

Jacon deGrom is the top arm heading into tonight and I won’t talk you out of him. He’s at home and coming off a 13-strikeout gem (67 fantasy points). He also gets the Miami Marlins, who in theory represent an amazing matchup.

I’ll just say that elite pitchers have not crushed the fish this year. I don’t know what it is about them, but countless favorable matchups against them have gone horribly in 2018.

You can still use him, but I love the value associated with Price, who is $2.5k cheaper at FanDuel and has his own tantalizing matchup with the Rays. Tampa Bay has some pop that can attack southpaws, but overall they boast a .142 ISO in this matchup and also whiff at a 24.7% rate.

Price has a great matchup by the numbers, sees a positive park shift out of Fenway and he’s also sliced up the Rays (2.29 ERA) through three meetings already this year. Perhaps Tampa finally gets to him in this spot, but he’s in good form and everything looks to be in his favor.

You can just pay up for deGrom if you prefer more safety, or if you want a punt I don’t hate Dan Straily ($6.5k), who seems to be rounding into form with two straight respectable starts. Straily has had problems with walks all year, but he’s rounding into form and gets a Mets team that is pretty erratic.

Overall, Price is my guy on this slate. He’s in good form, he’s a solid price, he has a good matchup by the numbers and he’s in a solid park for pitching.

C/1B: Chris Davis – Baltimore Orioles ($2.3k)

I tried Crush last night and he failed, so it would make sense for him to dong when I fade him on this slate. I still might, but I like him as a cheap GPP masher in this lineup.

He remains in a good park and brings power upside to the table. More importantly, he’ll be going up against Dylan Covey, who gave up 20 homers in just 12 starts a year ago.

Covey is a high contact pitcher that already got slapped around (7 hits, 4 runs, 3 walks) in his first start of 2018. Covey isn’t in a great spot here and he gives up a +.247 ISO to both sides of the plate. This is an equal opportunity gas can that is worth attacking in tournaments.

Baltimore can be tough to trust on the road, but the park and matchup are sublime. I’ll start it off with Crush here, who always has the ability to send one deep.

2B: Jonathan Schoop – Baltimore Orioles ($3.1k)

There are several spots to stack tonight, but my favorite is versus Covey.

I’ll make it simple. Baltimore righties are the preferred play with Covey giving up a blistering .415 wOBA and .283 ISO to that side of the plate.

You can use bats from both sides (I just promoted Crush a second ago and he’s a lefty), but the O’s righties are in an amazing spot. Insert Schoop, who hasn’t been great this year but should be able to take advantage of this guy. Schoop still has a lot of power upside (.222 ISO versus righties this year) and is obviously in a great spot.

3B: Justin Turner – Los Angeles Dodgers ($3.8k)

I was game for using JT when he first came back from injury, as he was just way too cheap. His price has spiked since, but his play hasn’t followed just yet. It will come around eventually and he also happens to be on the prowl for his first homer.

I love Turner tonight, as he faces a lefty (.313 ISO versus southpaws) and has thrived at home in the past. He makes for a fun pivot off of Kris Bryant tonight and you’re saving $900 in the process.

SS: Manny Machado – Baltimore Orioles ($5k)

Back to the O’s I go, as Machado is a masher you always want to consider. He wrecks both sides of the plate and carries a nice .216 ISO against right-handed pitching into tonight. As I said, Covey is best targeted with righties, so all Baltimore right-handed bats are in play here.

Machado can be a beast and due to his steep price tag, might even be contrarian on this slate.

OF: Kike Hernandez – Los Angeles Dodgers ($2.5k)

Enrique is always in play because he’s cheap and mashes lefties (.276 ISO). That puts him in play tonight against Kyle Freeland, who is not a gas can but does struggle more against righties. He’s on the road against a Dodgers offense that can heat up at home, so I don’t mind using a couple L.A. bats in this one.

OF: Aaron Altherr – Philadelphia Phillies ($2.4k)

Altherr is another guy that slays southpaws and he’ll get the chance to put his nasty .272 ISO to work against Luiz Gohara. The sample size is small, but Gohara is a fly ball pitcher that has given up a .204 ISO to the right side of the plate.

OF: Rhys Hoskins – Philadelphia Phillies ($3.9k)

I like the Phillies in this spot, as Gohara is on the road in a dangerous park. His fly ball and contact issues (specifically versus righties) make this a problematic situation. That has me firing up Hoskins and really all Phillies righties with any kind of power.

Hoskins has been pretty disappointing as a whole this year, but he destroys left-handed pitching (.293 ISO) and has a chance to really pay off tonight. Due to his price and recent performance, there’s a good chance he’s another contrarian masher perfect for GPPs.

Util: Anthony Rizzo – Chicago Cubs ($4.1k)

I’ll close things out with a Cubs power hitter in Rizzo, who is at home and facing Adam Plutko. Plutko gave up three dongs in his first start of 2018 and is in an impossible spot tonight. It’s possible the Cubs will struggle against an unfamiliar face, but I’ll at least try Rizzo, who puts a beating (.202 ISO) on right-handed hurlers.

A Cubs stack is very much in play and if you can find a way to perfectly blend Phillies, Cubs and Orioles (maybe like I just did), I think it could end up being quite profitable.

There are a lot of bats to like on this slate and if you drop down to Straily, you can get even more. I like Price, though, so I’ll start with him and center him around a mini Orioles stack. You can go for a full four-man unit if you want and if you do, Trey Mancini or Adam Jones are probably your best bets.

Elsewhere, I’ll soak up some value with guys with undeniabl splits (Altherr and Kike) and hope studs like JT, Rhys and Rizzo can pay off.

There’s a number of directions to go tonight, but I like this team and think it has a chance to compete in tourneys. You usually want to hit on at least one stack in GPPs and I love the O’s to get me going on the right path.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck in your daily fantasy baseball contests tonight!


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