FanDuel MLB DFS Picks – October 2nd

The MLB had two one-off games to decide the NL Central and NL West on Monday afternoon and they did not disappoint. They also gave us two teams for Tuesday’s wild card game, which will give us a winner to enter the actual playoffs. The AL will follow suit on Wednesday.

That doesn’t give us much to work with from a big slate perspective, but there is still Major League Baseball to be played and that makes for a one-game showdown contest at FanDuel. Let’s enjoy the playoff atmosphere as much as possible as we try to piece together a winning MLB DFS roster with the best picks from tonight’s game between the Cubs and the Rockies:

Note: You can opt for the two-day MLB DFS contests, but for now I’ll just be issuing my showdown lineup.

MVP (x1.5 points): Javier Baez – Chicago Cubs ($8.5k)

I feel with Chicago’s season on the line, Baez is going to drop a bomb or two on Tuesday. He’s at home and the Cubs need him for this one, while he’s also facing a lefty. Kyle Freeland has been great this year, but Baez still mashes southpaws and is potentially a contrarian play in the MVP slot.

IF: Kris Bryant – Chicago Cubs ($7.5k)

You can look to Anthony Rizzo if you want, but Bryant is probably the next best Cubs masher against lefties. He’s been quiet this year due to nagging injuries, but this would be a great time for him to step up his game. He’s a really nice price and always has home run potential.

OF: Matt Holliday – Colorado Rockies ($4k)

Due to the Rockies facing a lefty, I have to think Holliday has a shot at starting in this one. He’s dirt cheap, so if he starts he could be rather popular to allow people to pay up for some elite sticks. He hasn’t been amazing this year, but the 38-year old hits lefties well and still brings some pop to the table.

Util: Nolan Arenado – Colorado Rockies ($10k)

You have to seriously consider Trevor Story here and if you’re not with me on Baez, that’s the top hitter to pivot to on this one-game showdown contest. I just feel like Arenado is the way more efficient bat, while he has far more impressive splits against southpaws.

Someone is donging Lester in this game and I don’t mind paying a premium in the hopes that it’s Arenado. I have to think he’s high-owned even at this gaudy price, but if he’s somehow contrarian, that’s just gravy.

Util: Albert Almora Jr. – Chicago Cubs ($4.5k)

I need a second deep dive to afford my three elite sticks, so why not roll out Almora, who has solid history against left-handed pitching? He’s not elite, but he’s shown well in these types of matchups and he’s at home. You could do a lot worse in this price range.


I’m not forcing the issue here. I think both offenses are quite capable of exploding and if the wind blows out at Wrigley Field on Tuesday, it’s quite possible baseball fans get a shootout. Colorado deserves prolonged playoff success after the year they’ve had, but Chicago is probably the more talented team and they’re at their home park.

I tend to trust Kyle Freeland more than Jon Lester at this point, but when you look at how close these teams matchup, I’m really just going with strong splits, power and a complete lineup where I’m not hating a single option I’m rostering.

Like I said, the only change I’d consider is maybe using Story over Baez and riding the Rockies a little harder, but pairing Baez/Arenado is my #1 goal in this showdown contest. If Bryant can show up and Holliday/Almora aren’t awful, this could be a really competitive lineup.

Whether you’re with me or not, hopefully I’ve helped you in some manner with my MLB DFS picks. Good luck and enjoy the game!