FanDuel MLB DFS Picks – September 12th

Last night was pretty bad for anyone trying to win money in daily fantasy baseball. Not many chalky teams panned out, as the Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees all combined for 13 runs.

The St. Louis Cardinals (11) and Minnesota Twins (10) almost did that all on their own.

It was a weird night and dropping down at pitching to load up on bats simply didn’t work out. Dylan Covey was the sack everyone probably hoped he’d be and my favorite mashers collectively were disappointing.

I did mention the Twins as one of my favorite sneaky stacks, though, so hopefully you tried a stack somewhere and it helped. I also mentioned stacking Royals as a hedge against using Covey, so if you did one or both of those, perhaps your night wasn’t a total loss.

Mine was, so it’s onward and upward I go into Wednesday night’s 8-game daily fantasy baseball slate at FanDuel. Let’s take a look at what kind of team some of my favorite MLB DFS picks make up for GPPs:

SP: Carlos Rodon – Chicago White Sox ($8.6k)

Aaron Nola, Luis Severino and David Price are the top arms tonight. My favorite is Sev, but all of these guys are a bit too pricey for my liking.

I’ll soak up some value with Rodon, but hasn’t been in great form but gets a nice park upgrade in Kauffman Stadium against a bad KC lineup.

The Royals sport a little extra pop than they have in the past, but they’re still not efficient and they strikeout a ton. Rodon will give up some contact and maybe even a few runs, but he’s in an awesome spot to target 8-10 strikeouts. I love his chances of notching 40+ fantasy points tonight, if not more.

If you don’t like the risk, just pay up for Severino.

C/1B: Matt Olson – Oakland Athletics ($3.6k)

I liked the A’s a bit yesterday, but tonight they’re my favorite stack. They should be chalky on a small slate, but I’ll eat that chalk with a smile on my face.

It starts with Olson, who sees a huge park upgrade in Camden Yards and faces a high contact arm in Andrew Cashner. Cashner has issues with the long ball and gets hit at will from either side of the plate. A dicey .224 allowed ISO to lefties makes Olson and his .244 ISO one of the best plays on the board.

If you aren’t with me on the A’s, consider dropping down to Gary Sanchez. He’s too cheap at $3.2k, but due to his price he actually might be even chalkier.

2B: Jed Lowrie – Oakland Athletics ($3.7k)

You can pick and choose which Oakland sticks you want to use, but I’ll be rolling out a full stack. It continues on with Lowrie, who mashes right-handed pitching to the tune of a .377 wOBA and .223 ISO. Cashner gives up a .359+ wOBA no matter who he’s facing, so Lowrie can attack him from whichever side of the plate he chooses as a switch hitter.

If you don’t want Lowrie, consider punting at 2B. Ian Kinsler ($2.7k) is cheap exposure to an elite Red Sox offense.

3B: Matt Chapman – Oakland Athletics ($3.9k)

My love for the Athletics brings me to Chapman, who owns a nasty .274 ISO against righties. He can mash it and this park is just going to be great news for all of the Athletics. They were pretty quiet last night, so hopefully people sour on them and look elsewhere for their power bats.

SS: Tim Anderson – Chicago White Sox ($2.7k)

Rodon won’t be too popular despite the nice matchup, but Oakland should be fairly chalky. I’ll differentiate by pushing out a three-man White Sox stack. Eric Skoglund is not a good pitcher and offers a ton of contact, so I’ll target my favorite Chicago bats and hope they can get to him early.

Anderson figures to lead off and brings a solid .186 ISO to the table. This feels like one of his coveted double-dong outings.

Skoglund is certainly a guy to chase after, as he has had real trouble against both sides of the plate. He’s showing horrible reverse splits so far in 2018 (.378 ISO to lefties!), but I still prefer the right-handers from Chicago.

Aiding that stance is Skoglund’s .362 wOBA, .214 ISO and 45% hard hit rate allowed to the right side of the plate.

OF: Avisail Garcia – Chicago White Sox ($2.5k)

Chicago is a risky stack, but they boast some pop and specifically can wreck southpaws. The park factor isn’t great, but Skoglund is a fine arm to go after. Garcia also interests me thanks to his cheap price and .227 ISO versus lefties.

OF: Khris Davis – Oakland Athletics ($4.2k)

My Oakland four-man stack ends with Khrush, who can’t be ignored due to his gross .309 ISO versus right-handed pitching. Andrew Cashner is a potential gas can in a brutal park against one of the best offenses in the majors. I’m not over-thinking it tonight.

OF: Delino DeShields – Texas Rangers ($2k)

If you go a different route at pitcher, perhaps you can cram a fourth White Sox bat in here. I’ll just take DeShields, who is the bare minimum and offers some stolen base upside.

He doesn’t pack much pop and he’s not efficient, but if he can get on base tonight he should pan out nicely. Teammate Willie Calhoun ($2.1k) is a fine pivot if need be.

Util: Jose Abreu – Chicago White Sox ($3.6k)

I also really like Beef Castillo tonight ($2.3k), but he hasn’t been as good versus southpaws this year. He really hasn’t been on point in general lately, so I’d rather just pay up for Abreu.

He’s pricey, but he’s the far better player and brings a sick .271 ISO to the table. I feel a dong coming from him on this slate.


Going with elite stacks hasn’t worked out that well lately, but eventually it’s going to. Oakland is an extreme fly ball offense, one of the most potent lineups in the league and they’re in a great park against a hard contact arm. They should go off and a full stack is very appealing.

Thanks to the Yankees, Red Sox and Coors Field all being on this slate, there’s a slim chance they’ll go somewhat overlooked.

I’m not banking on that, but I’d welcome it. If can still go contrarian with my three-man White Sox stack and Rodon. I’m not too worried about ownership tonight, but my non-A’s sticks should not be high owned at all.

Here’s to hoping Rodon doesn’t bomb for a third consecutive start. If he keeps it together, this could be a fun night.

As always, feel free to enter this MLB DFS lineup as it stands or pick your spots. I try to give secondary options in some areas, so don’t completely forget about other options I point out. If you don’t love Rodon, consider paying up for Severino and maybe paying down from an A’s bat or two.

Whatever you decide, hopefully I help you in some manner. Good luck with your FanDuel contests and enjoy the games!