FanDuel MLB DFS Picks – September 25th

Tuesday has the final week of the 2018 MLB regular season progressing rapidly. There will still be daily fantasy baseball contests after September wraps up, but things won’t be quite the same again until next April.

Soak it all up as much as you can over the next few days, because after this week it’s on to NBA DFS.

Last night’s batch of MLB DFS picks didn’t produce a big winner, but I did deliver some solid options. Nathan Eovaldi (48!) was a gem of an arm, while stacking Rockies (10 runs) certainly wasn’t a bad idea. Carlos Gonzalez and Victor Robles were late scratches, but you still got solid production out of Trea Turner, David Dahl, Nolan Arenado, Matt Carpenter and Charlie Blackmon.

The high level numbers that I was hoping for weren’t really there, but you could have cashed with this squad, depending on the contest you competed in.

Tuesday is a brand new slate, so let’s take a look at some of my favorite daily fantasy baseball picks at FanDuel:

SP: Josh James – Houston Astros ($6.5k)

Max Scherzer is the top arm tonight, but he costs too much.

I want some bats, so I’ll let other people spend big cash to get him. Obviously he’s pretty necessary in cash games, but for tourneys I think you can get by without him. If you love some cheap stacks, though, I’m not sure there’s a safer plug-and-play arm for 50+ fantasy points.

It’s always tough to turn that down, but Josh James is dirt cheap and has looked good for the Astros. Not only has he flashed a nice K rate and performed well to this point, but he gets a Toronto offense that can whiff a bit. This park and matchup together aren’t exactly ideal, but that’s baked into his price tonight.

I’m not into going straight down the middle tonight. I’m either punting with James or I’ll pay up for Mad Max and see if value sticks are the way to go. For now, though, I like James and I also like the hitting using him gets me on Tuesday’s 14-game slate.

C/1B: Matt Olson – Oakland Athletics ($3.8k)

I usually don’t need to sell the A’s that much. Given their matchup tonight with Mike Leake, I won’t start now. They obviously have a ton of power and he’s a middling arm, so I think a mini or full stack is in order.

Olson is a little pricey, but I love him and his .250 ISO in this spot.

2B: Jed Lowrie – Oakland Athletics ($3.4k)

Leake is better attacked with right-handed bats, but that won’t have me shying away from Olson. Still, that makes Lowrie a bit more attractive, as he wrecks righties (.208 ISO, .367 wOBA) and technically has the better matchup. Leake is pretty hittable and especially struggles (.202 ISO) against the right side of the plate.

3B: Josh Donaldson – Cleveland Indians ($3.6k)

The Indians have inexplicably been owned by Dylan Covey at times this year, so as attractive as a full stack seems in theory, I’m going to sidestep that idea. That being said, it’s still a good spot and Donaldson is a nice price given his talent, splits and the matchup.

SS: Trevor Story – Colorado Rockies ($4.1k)

Fading Coors is always risky, so after finding success last night I can’t go that route completely.

Tonight I like Story, who mashes right-handed pitching to the tune of a .219 ISO. The Rockies need to keep winning and they welcome a hard contact arm in Vincent Velasquez into their hitter’s haven.

Velasquez is best targeted with viable lefties, but I’m hoping that helps Story be a bit more under-owned than usual. Otherwise, he’s got the power, splits and park factor aiding him here.

OF: Joc Pederson – Los Angeles Dodgers ($3.1k)

I’m always interested in the Dodgers, but I’m definitely looking Joc’s way whenever he’s taking on a beatable righty.

Matt Koch qualifies as such (44% hard hit rate, .191 ISO). Even though he’s had a far tougher time against fellow righties, I’ll lean on his overall contact issues and Pederson’s gaudy .296 ISO against righty hurlers.

A full L.A. stack is firmly in play as they try to win the NL West.

OF: Jay Bruce – New York Mets ($2.8k)

I like the Mets as a sneaky stack if you want to go that route, but I’ll just get cheap exposure via Bruce. He’s been doing well lately (15+ fantasy points in three of last four) and always packs some pop with his bat.

Weather could be a concern in this one, but if not I have no qualms firing him up at a solid price tag.

OF: David Dahl – Colorado Rockies ($3.6k)

I’m equally interested in the Phillies side of this Coors game, but they were lifeless last night and I’m not going to go out of my way to force them onto my team. Dahl remains a palatable price and is just as good, while Velasquez sure does have problems (.374 wOBA, .233 ISO, 41% fly ball rate, 35% hard hit rate) with lefty power.

Dahl worked out last night and thanks to his fun .242 ISO, he’s always in play in this park when beatable righties come to town.

Util: Khris Davis – Oakland Athletics ($4k)

I like the A’s a bit tonight, so I’ll cap things off with Khrush, who owns a nasty .311 ISO against right-handers and is obviously a dong waiting to happen.


I’m not blindly stacking any one offense. I’d say the Athletics lead the way as a terrific pivot off of Coors, but I still covet two Colorado sticks and I’ll pick my spots with the Dodgers and Mets as well.

I’m also punting pitcher, but if you need safety tonight at the arm spot, just go with Mad Max and use some of the cheaper bats I’ve suggested here.

Whatever you decide, I hope my MLB DFS picks help you in some manner. Good luck and enjoy the games!