FanDuel MLB DFS Playoff Picks – October 15th

My last crack at a FanDuel MLB showdown contest wasn’t half bad. Jesus Aguilar and Manny Machado both sent balls into the stands and out of a five-man roster you can’t ask for much better than that. Hopefully that helped you cash or even wing big. If not, it’s on to the next one as the Brewers and Dodgers face off yet again on Monday night.

L.A. tied things up in game two over the weekend and will have a chance to take over this series with things shifting to Dodger Stadium. The Brewers are at a disadvantage in this one, as the Dodgers have the clear edge on the mound and Milwaukee’s power could be curbed in a more pitcher-friendly environment.

I’ll be pulling for the Brew Crew to win here, but the offensive edge lies with the Dodgers. Due to that, I’m stacking Dodgers here and sliding in the token Brewers bat per the FD rules. Let’s get to it for my favorite MLB DFS picks in this tense NLCS game three battle:

MVP: (x1.5 points): Joc Pederson – Los Angeles Dodgers ($6.5k)

I’ll start things off with Pederson, who has one of the best power sticks in this lineup against right-handed pitching (.297 ISO). He’ll also be at home against a righty in Jhoulys Chacin that has had a far tougher time against lefties than righties.

Chacin has historically been in worse form when he’s not at his home ballpark and the only time he faced the Dodgers this year (8 runs, 3 HR) he got absolutely blasted. I’m not a fan of his going into this one, so I’m stacking Dodgers here.

IF: Travis Shaw – Milwaukee Brewers ($7.5k)

I’m only using one Brew Crew stick, but it has to be Shaw. Not only does Shaw have some of the best numbers against right-handed pitching (.382 wOBA, .283 ISO), but he’s been pretty clutch when I’ve used him this year. He’s a solid price and I tend to think he’s more stable than guys like Ryan Braun or Mike Moustakas.

Those bats are also fine, while you can try to force in the true MVP – Christian Yelich – if you feel it’s necessary. Shaw is a threat to dong here, but all Brewers have a pretty tough matchup here against a very good rookie in Walker Buehler.

I’m not especially excited to use any Milwaukee bats, but Buehler has given up slightly more contact to the left side of the plate. The difference is basically negligible, but we have to roll with what we’re given here.

OF: Cody Bellinger – Los Angeles Dodgers ($7.5k)

Chacin is way worse against lefties and coughs up a 38% hard hit rate against that side of the plate. His strikeout rate also dips by 8% and you see his walk percentage go up by 5%. None of that is any good and on the road in the playoffs that could all pop up in a nasty way.

If that weren’t enough reason to load up on Dodgers lefties, let’s consider Bellinger’s upside (.380 wOBA, .243 ISO) when facing right-handed pitching.

UTIL: Chris Taylor – Los Angeles Dodgers ($5.5k)

CT3 is not a lefty, but he’s been red hot in this series and could get the starting nod. I just love the value with him, while he’s plenty capable (.343 wOBA, .195 ISO) when facing fellow righties.

UTIL: Max Muncy – Los Angeles Dodgers ($8k)

I’ll close things off with Muncy, who can mash righties with the best of them (.426 wOBA, .337 ISO) and is a pretty respectable price. I have to bypass the likes of Manny Machado and Justin Turner here, but Muncy as is just as good as them and offers the best splits against right-handed pitching on this Dodgers team.


As much as I want to see this fun Brewers story continue on, I’m not sure game three ends well for them. Chacin has been quite good for them in 2018 as a whole and he’s thwarted his historic road woes to this point, but this is a tough setting to buy that happening again.

I’ll take Shaw as my one-off Brewers stick, but the Dodgers have all of the momentum right now and obviously have the way better matchup. I’m stacking Dodgers from the left side if I can help it and not looking back.

Hopefully I help you in some manner ahead of tonight’s NLCS showdown. Whether you use this lineup as it stands or just a couple of my MLB DFS picks, I wish you luck. Enjoy the game!