FanDuel MLB DFS World Series Picks – October 24th

Game one of the World Series was pretty lit, especially when you consider Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw faced off. That’s two of the best arms in baseball, yet Fenway was responsible for 12 total runs.

I didn’t see a three-run shot from Eduardo Nunez coming, but I still offered some MLB DFS picks. J.D. Martinez (33.3 fantasy points) was a fine choice for the MVP slot, Manny Machado chipped in a solid 13.5 fantasy points and Brian Dozier (6.2) at least got on the board. I also mentioned Matt Kemp (18.7!) as a fine play if he started and that he did.

It wasn’t a terrible night for daily fantasy baseball and if you mixed my picks in with Nunez and/or Andrew Benintendi you could have won big. There’s no time to reflect, though, as game two hits us right away on Wednesday night. Let’s dive into some of my favorite plays for tonight’s showdown in Boston:

MVP (x1.5 points): J.D. Martinez – Boston Red Sox ($9k)

Martinez is again my favorite play to man the MVP slot. He was great last night despite not donging and he’s been terrific throughout the playoffs. Make it seven hits over his last four games and tonight he’s again at home in a hitter’s paradise against a lefty.

Hyun-Jin Ryu has basically been L.A.’s best pitcher this year, but he’s still in a terrible spot. I’m rolling with J.D.’s splits here and not looking back.

IF: David Freese – Los Angeles Dodgers ($5k)

Freese feels like a contrarian option in this spot. I could easily try to cram Brian Dozier in here again, but Freese donged in his last game against the Brewers and brings some quiet upside to the table. I feel like everyone will be going Red Sox tonight, so I’ll use one extra Dodger to try to gain an edge on the field.

OF: Matt Kemp – Los Angeles Dodgers ($4.5k)

I’ll actually put Kemp in my lineup this time, as he again faces a lefty and is even cheaper than he was last night. He could be a bit trappy, but you have to save somewhere and he does mash southpaws.

UTIL: Justin Turner – Los Angeles Dodgers ($7.5k)

JT mashes lefties as good as anyone and happens to have donged David Price once before. I love the Dodgers tonight and you’ll definitely want to use righty mashers against David Price.

UTIL: Manny Machado – Los Angeles Dodgers ($9k)

I really hope everyone loads up on Red Sox tonight, as I personally will give L.A. a chance to run this thing back and tie it up at 1-1. Price is a good pitcher, but he gives up some contact and historically has been slammed (5 HR!) by Machado. I won’t slide him in the MVP slot, but there is a strong argument to do just that.


I also will seriously consider Mookie Betts over the potentially chalky Machado, but that BvsP is staring me down pretty hard. Boston as a whole is tough to go away from, but outside of Martinez this feels like a Dodgers stack night for me.

Good luck no matter what your daily fantasy baseball strategy is tonight and hopefully I could help you a bit with your process. Thanks for reading and enjoy the game!