FanDuel MLB DFS World Series Picks – October 26th

The Boston Red Sox head to Los Angeles for game three of the 2018 World Series after taking a 2-0 lead at Fenway Park. With the change of scenery, there is a very realistic chance the series itself sees the momentum shift a bit.

Obviously you can have three approaches here; stack Boston, stack L.A. or just try to use your favorite bats. My play is going to be loading up on Dodgers in this one.

If this is ever going to be an actual series, Walker Buehler is going to have to mow down the Boston bats and the Dodgers will have to light up Dodger Stadium just like they have so many times before. I still think there could be a shortage of actual runs, just because the pitching here is pretty nasty. Also keep in mind that you do need to pick a Boston bat to plug in here.

With that, let’s dive into some of my favorite daily fantasy baseball picks at FanDuel for game three of the World Series:

MVP (x1.5 points): Max Muncy – Los Angeles Dodgers ($8k)

Rick Porcello is a good pitcher, but he does give up a decent amount of contact and that can translate into run runs – specifically of the home run variety. He cut back the long ball a bit in 2018 bit still allowed 27 dingers and gave up 38 two years ago. He is not immune to it and in a high pressure situation on the road, I wouldn’t be that shocked to see him get tattooed early.

Brian Dozier and Manny Machado have a solid history against Ricky P, but Dozier is better used against lefties and I’m not forcing the pricey Machado in here.

I’ll kick things off with Muncy, who has monster power upside against right-handed pitchers. The best way to attack Porcello is with lefty power, too, while there is no doubt Munch is overdue to send one into the stands. I think he does that tonight and makes good on this MVP billing in game three.

IF: Justin Turner – Los Angeles Dodgers ($7.5k)

The Dodgers are at home in a must-win situation and they also come with heavy bats. They are tied for the most homers (14) in the playoffs thus far and they ranked second in dongs on the year as well. I would love to get Machado in this lineup, but I want a balanced stack and not just 1-2 great bats.

This brings me to JT, who can obviously launch balls but is also a very efficient hitter. He’s another guy that could be due to smack one deep, but he’s been pretty useful regardless with at least one hit in four of his last five playoff games. He’s never hit Porcello in five tries, but there’s a first time for everything.

OF: Cody Bellinger – Los Angeles Dodgers ($7.5k)

I’ll keep the Dodgers love rolling with Bellinger, who can send it deep with the best of them and like Turner is simply way too cheap given his talent and upside. Cody hasn’t really had the opportunity to make an impact in this series yet, but the last time he got a chance he donged in game seven against the Brewers.

Bellinger should start here and provided L.A. gives him the long leash he deserves, I think he’ll reward MLB DFS gamers.

UTIL: Joc Pederson – Los Angeles Dodgers ($6k)

The same goes for Joc, who tends to lead off against righties. He also crushes the ball in these types of spots and is yet another Dodgers stick that is seriously due to get hot.

Again, stacking the Dodgers is not the only strategy, but if this series is going to last more than four or five games, Los Angeles needs to come to play. I think their bats do just that tonight and Pederson should be part of the fun.

UTIL: Jackie Bradley – Boston Red Sox ($5.5k)

You do have to use one Red Sox bat at a minimum. Feel free to try to cram the studs in here, but I want all Dodgers. I’ll go with Jackie Bradley here, as he’s been hot in the playoffs and could easily take one to the stands against Buehler. Buehler whiffs at a high rate, but he’s not immune to a long ball here or there.

Ideally I’m not using Red Sox at all in this game, but Bradley is a solid bat from the left side who sports some quality power.


My daily fantasy baseball strategy is pretty simple tonight. The Dodgers have the pitching edge and are at home in what is historically a pitcher-friendly park. The guy who gives up more contact is going to get in a hole here and the Dodgers also thrive here offensively.

I think L.A. comes out on fire and sends Porcello packing early. I’m not sure if that’s a help given how well Boston’s bullpen has pitched, but jumping out to an early lead is in no way a bad thing. I’m not really pulling for either side as a fan, but for DFS purposes I’ll be Team Dodgers tonight.

Keep in mind I am writing this before starting lineups are revealed, so if you disagree with anything here, perhaps the final lineup will help make things easier. As always, feel free to pivot as you feel is appropriate.

You can also just use my lineup as it stands. Either way, I wish you luck tonight. Enjoy the game!