FanDuel MLB Picks – August 21st

We get a fun (but small) main slate in daily fantasy baseball on Monday night, as we pick things up with just 8 games hitting tonight’s schedule. That makes for a more intense setting, as we need to nail our starting pitcher and hone in one a handful of stacks we think have a good chance of going nuts.

Smaller slates are a different beast, as you need to focus more on “guaranteed” offensive stacks that can load up and pay off. If you miss 1-3 times like on bigger slates, the margin for error is even more thin and it can mean you don’t cash. We take a shot at a GPP team anyways, but you get the idea.

Join us as we look over the main MLB DFS slate at FanDuel and piece together our favorite daily fantasy baseball picks:

SP: Alex Wood – Los Angeles Dodgers ($9.7k)

Do I love paying up for the most expensive arm on the board? No, and it is even more painful because Wood gets a Pirates offense that doesn’t strikeout that much and he hasn’t been quite as elite as he was earlier in the year. But what choice do we have tonight?

Gerrit Cole is in this same friendly park, but he has a way worse matchup against the Dodgers, Mike Clevinger gets the Red Sox, Cole Hamels is just a big name and there aren’t any alluring punt plays. Paying up for Wood might not end up getting is the top pitcher for the day, but he might be the safest.

C: Buster Posey – San Francisco Giants ($2.8k)

Posey is at home in a bad park but we aren’t using him for his touch and go power. We’re using him for value and safety, as catcher is terrible tonight and he’s collected multiple hits in three of his last games. He’s got a solid matchup against Zach Davies, so it isn’t asking a lot to get a couple hits and maybe a run or two.

1B: Chris Davis – Baltimore Orioles ($3.2k)

Crush kicks off my favorite stack of this slate. This could be a popular path, but on a smaller slate we need to attack the spots we love and fill in holes with secondary options that make sense. I love that I can get the top arm and my favorite stack. Davis is a huge part of that, as he’s got a great matchup at home and sports killer splits (.241 ISO) against right-handed pitching. I think he’s going yard tonight – twice.

2B: Jonathan Schoop – Baltimore Orioles ($3.3k)

I tend to prefer using Schoop against beatable southpaws, but he’s at home in a great park against a shaky pitcher in Chris Smith. His splits versus fellow righties are totally fine, too (.217 ISO, .368 wOBA) so we can throw him on here without fear.

3B: Jake Lamb – Arizona Diamondbacks ($3.5k)

I’m tempted to pull a full O’s stack and pay up for Manny Machado here, but I don’t see the point with Lamb coming at a discounted price. Lamb is facing a beatable righty in Robert Gsellman, so we can hop on his nasty splits (.285 ISO, .405 wOBA) and chase the value here. Lamb can blow up just as much as Machado, so we’re not losing any upside, either.

SS: Jonathan Villar – Milwaukee Brewers ($2.8k)

Normally I wouldn’t go here because the Brewers see an insane park downgrade, but Villar has been on fire (11 hits over his last 7 games) and shouldn’t have a tough time getting on base (and maybe swiping a bag or two) against Chris Stratton. Villar isn’t an efficient player by the numbers, but he’s in a nice groove at the moment and base hits are what we’re looking for in this ballpark.

OF: Andrew McCutchen – Pittsburgh Pirates ($3.1k)

I don’t mind using a Cutch as a one-off play even though I’m using Wood. Not only is he cheap, but the dude wrecks southpaws (.489 ISO, .523 wOBA). Even if he doesn’t dong Wood, maybe he can get one base a couple of times and score. He’s too good of a value and has amazing splits, so I don’t think we can pass him up.

OF: Trey Mancini – Baltimore Orioles ($2.9k)

Whether you just use an Oriole or two or go a full stack, that’s up to you. I’m game for a 3 or 4-man Orioles stack and I need to make sure Mancini is part of it. Not only is he dirt cheap, but he carries nasty splits (.277 ISO, .397 wOBA) against righties into this contest. Mancini is in a bit of a rut at the moment, but we get him at a nice price and in an awesome spot. This is a mild dice roll that could pay off in a big way tonight.

OF: Khris Davis – Oakland Athletics ($3.6k)

This game at Camden Yards has a nice Total (10.5) so it is not going to be a bad spot at all to chase some long balls. Home runs aside, I love it for runs and Davis is bound to be part of the festivities. A matchup with the volatile Wade Miley is to die for and I think Davis puts one into the stands tonight.

If we want to get Manny for the full Orioles stack, we can do that and just slide in White Sox youngster Nicky Delmonico here. He’s been quite solid and looks to be in another favorable spot tonight.

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