FanDuel MLB Picks – August 28th

When all else fails in daily fantasy baseball, remember to start your lineup building process with Giancarlo Stanton and Rhys Hoskins. Those guys seem to hit a home run every single night these days, so getting guaranteed points isn’t a bad start.

The only problem? Stanton gets Max Scherzer on Monday to get the ball rolling. I’m not sure that has to scare you off of Miami’s masher, but perhaps it should. Both Stanton and Hoskins are in play again tonight, but in an effort to get a little less predictable, we won’t be using them in our FanDuel MLB picks tonight.

Pitching could be tough to figure out, too. Max Scherzer leads a stacked slate, as Corey Kluber and Luis Severino also stand out as pricey options that could carry you up the GPP ladder. Tonight may be a good night to get cute, though, so join us as we think a little outside the box to piece together a winning MLB DFS lineup at FanDuel:

SP: Aaron Nola – Philadelphia Phillies ($8.6k)

Mad Max, Corey Kluber and Luis Severino are without a doubt the top cash game plays. Scherzer is making his first start since twice hurting his neck, though, while Kluber and Sevy face off in a deadly Indians/Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. I’m not overly into any of these spots, so I might just drop to Nola in tourneys and see about loading up on a few bats.

Nola has had a tough run (28 fantasy points combined over his last two starts), but he’s a good pitcher at home against a so-so Braves offense. Nola dominated ATL earlier this year and if he can snap out of his funk he’s in a good spot to do so again. I love the value and upside here and it allows us to get some bats we covet.

Overall, Scherzer is probably the best play, but his neck issue and a hot Marlins offense probably have me off of him tonight.

C: Salvador Perez – Kansas City Royals ($2.8k)

Alex Avila is at home against a beatable righty and he’s basically the same price as Salvy, so we should consider him. I’m on Perez, though. He also has a nice matchup at home and packs just as much of a punch. His fun splits against righties (.242 ISO) should be on display in this one.

1B: Mark Reynolds – Colorado Rockies ($3.7k)

Reynolds has snapped out of a rut and is back in business with a homer in two of his last three starts. Tonight he’ll be in Coors against Jordan Zimmerman, who has gotten absolutely blasted lately. Reynolds happens to own nasty splits against right-handed hurlers (.246 ISO) and has also crushed Zims in the past. I’m all aboard the Rockies train tonight.

2B: Robinson Cano – Seattle Mariners ($3.5k)

I am all about Cano tonight and we shouldn’t be afraid of the Mariners in general, either. Chris Tillman is a dumpster fire waiting to happen and Cano gets quite the park upgrade at Camden Yards. He hasn’t been shredding lately, but he’s in a great spot and carries fun splits (.219 ISO, .363 wOBA) against right-handed pitchers into this tilt.

Daniel Murphy is super cheap ($3k) and is deserving of a look, but the Nats as a whole have been brutal. I’ll probably just take the matchup and value with Cano tonight.

3B: Rafael Devers – Boston Red Sox ($2.9k)

I also don’t hate Mike Moustakas ($3.6k) here, but he’s been battling a knee injury and has been in a mild rut lately. I could also pivot to Kyle Seager, who like teammate Cano gets a huge park upgrade and also has a great matchup. Seager isn’t overly efficient, but he packs loads of power and is at his best against shaky righties.

That’d be fine, or we could sell out and go all the way up to Nolan Arenado at Coors. I don’t think I can pass on Devers, though. The mashing rookie does not have an ideal matchup with groundball ace Marcus Stroman, but he sports nasty splits (.383 ISO) against righties and is a fine try tonight.

SS: Trevor Story – Colorado Rockies ($3.5k)

I hate the value we get at SS tonight, but we’re going to have to bit the bullet and pay for someone like Tim Beckham ($3.8k) or Trevor Story. Beckham is in a great park against a shaky pitcher, he boasts solid splits and he’s been awesome ever since being traded to the O’s. He is absolutely the safer option here, but Story has just as much upside, is in the better park and saves us a little cash.

Ideally we’re using Story against a lefty, but he’s in Coors against Jordan Zimmerman, who has gotten tagged for 7 runs in each of his last three starts. Yikes, I know. I’m game more than ever for Coors bats tonight, largely on the Colorado side.

OF: Carlos Gonzalez – Colorado Rockies ($3.1k)

We can’t go through this thing without at least one Coors bat and CarGo seems like a solid try at a nice price. He has not enjoyed a great 2017 season and he’s lost some of his pop, but 6 of his 8 dongs have come at home this year and we get to use him against Jordan Zimmerman. A full Rockies stack is obviously in play tonight, while we should also take a long look at Detroit bats.

OF: Andrew McCutchen – Pittsburgh Pirates ($2.8k)

I would love it if Cutch could finally show up for me against a lefty. McCutchen has destroyed southpaws on the year (.489 ISO, .523 wOBA) but hasn’t worked out the last few times we’ve tried him in an ideal setting. He gets a beatable lefty, is probably way too cheap and also gets a park upgrade. Cutch is in a rut at the moment, but this is about as good a spot to try him as any.

OF: Nelson Cruz – Seattle Mariners ($4.1k)

I wouldn’t mind working my way up to Charlie Blackmon tonight, but I have no issues with rolling with Cruz, who is in Camden Yards against Chris Tillman. This game as a whole is a fun one to target, while Cruz has slapped Tillman around a bit in his career (2 HR). I love him in this spot tonight.

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