FanDuel MLB Picks – June 20th

The bad beats continued on Monday. Nobody who paid up for Clayton Kershaw was thrilled, while our Jon Lester only returned 37 fantasy points. That wasn’t crippling, but it also wasn’t ideal. Spending cash to get a so-called reliable arm hurt us in the bats department, but we still loved some of the value we came away with. It just didn’t translate into actual production.

A late switch we documented produced a home run out of Derek Fisher, but the rest of our hitting lineup was utter trash. We did plug some of our favorite secondary options, however, and Justin Bour (grand slam) and Willson Contreras (home run) both would have worked out nicely. We aim for a much better performance heading into Tuesday night’s FanDuel MLB picks:

SP: Chris Sale – Boston Red Sox ($11.7k)

I’d love a reason to get off of Sale tonight, especially since he’s expensive and has been less than his elite self recently. After all, he’ll be on the road against a Royals offense that actually hits lefties pretty well and doesn’t strikeout against southpaws that much. I think it’s possible Sale’s upside is sapped a bit in this spot, but he’s still without a doubt the top arm we can target, both in terms of safety and upside.

I’m probably using Sale without question in cash games and he’ll be my top target in GPPs, as well. That being said, we can hope Michael Pineda’s home success sees him bouncing back against the Angels. Their K rate doesn’t offer much upside, though, so if I’m not using Sale I might just go full contrarian and use Zack Greinke in Coors. Greinke has fared well against the Rockies in two starts this year and pitches in a tough park at home anyways, so I don’t think a road trip to Coors Field is necessarily a death sentence for him.

C: Chris Herrman – Arizona Diamondbacks ($3k)

A lot of catchers carry hefty price tags, with Gary Sanchez ($3.9k) leading the way up top. He’s a fine option as always at home, but I might prefer to save some cash since I’m paying up for Sale. Herrman is a solid starting point, as he wrecks right-handed pitching and gets to bat in Coors tonight. He’s still not “cheap”, but as far as Coors bats go, the price is actually awesome.

Evan Gattis ($2.8k) is a solid try, too, while Willson Contreras ($2.4k) and Russell Martin ($2.4k) could both be solid punts again at FanDuel, as well.

1B: Hanley Ramirez – Boston Red Sox ($3.2k)

I don’t love the park shift, but HanRam against a lefty is all kinds of good. Ramirez always has long ball potential, but he gets awesome splits against an inexperienced arm in this one. He’s also a good price, so we’re getting pretty good bang for or buck here. That’s pretty crucial for a Sale squad, but also because we’re seeing 1B pricing jacked up across the board.

Cody Bellinger is listed here at FanDuel now, so while he’s pricey ($4k), he has a great matchup and is red hot. He’s in play, but if we’re looking for a little more value, we can look at Justin Bour again. He mashed lefties and is again at home, where he has been wrecking non-stop this year.

2B: Jose Pirela – San Diego Padres ($2.6k)

I don’t know if we really need to spend much time at 2B, as Pirela donged last night and simply been ablaze. He’s produced 12+ fantasy points in 8 of his last 11 contests and for the second game in a row experiences a positive park shift at Wrigley Field. He’s also dirt cheap and has positive splits both ways, while Mike Montgomery is certainly not an arm to fear. We can’t bank on a home run again, but Pirela offers solid value and upside in this spot.

If we do want to spend at 2B, we certainly have options tonight, with Jose Altuve ($4.2k) and Daniel Murphy ($4k) both being worth their hefty price tags. Jason Kipnis ($3.3k) is also in a good spot at Camden Yards against Chris Tillman.

3B: Jedd Gyorko – St. Louis Cardinals ($2.8k)

This one is all about value, as Gyorko is a dong waiting to happen and is simply too cheap for the upside he brings to the table. He also faces the ever beatable Jeremy Hellickson and sports a nasty .254 ISO against right-handed pitching. To top it off, Gyorko is in a hitter-friendly ballpark, so this isn’t a bad spot to shoot for the value homer.

Third base remains loaded, so we can also target Josh Donaldson ($3.8k) here or pay way up for Jake Lamb ($4.7k) versus a righty at Coors Field. There are a number of ways to go here at FanDuel tonight, but few provide the value/upside Jedd can.

SS: Francisco Lindor – Cleveland Indians ($3.3k)

I’m not a fan of the value at SS tonight, but Lindor certainly stands out on this slate. Lindor is in a great park and has a very good matchup against Chris Tillman, who can’t stop giving up runs. Lindor could easily locate a long ball here, but even if he doesn’t this is a great spot for him to get on base and score a couple of times.

The splits make Corey Seager ($3.8k) a fine try at home tonight, but I prefer Lindor in this spot. If we want even more value we can dive a little further and use someone like Aledmys Diaz ($3k) or get another cheap Coors bat via Nick Ahmed ($3.1k).

OF: Chris Young – Boston Red Sox ($2.3k)

We get a really cheap power bat here in Chris Young, who is close to the minimum but is always a fine try against a beatable lefty. He has a great matchup by the numbers tonight, but it’s really about the price and splits. If you don’t love him, consider Kyle Schwarber ($2.5k) if he’s active.

OF: Matt Kemp – Atlanta Braves ($3.2k)

Speaking of splits, Kemp gets a lefty tonight at home when he faces the ever beatable Matt Moore. Kemp hasn’t been lighting the world afire lately, but he’s at least connected in 5 of his last 7 games. I think he’s due for a long ball and the splits and park favor him in this one.

Joc Pederson is the same exact price and is flat out mashing right now. He also has killer splits in front of him and could easily end up teeing off on Robert Gsellman at home tonight. He’s also a strong pivot off of Kemp if the Braves vs. Giants game ends up being at risk of Delay or PPD (rain).

OF: Steve Pearce – Toronto Blue Jays ($2.9k)

Pearce has been shot out of a cannon since returning from a one-month injury layoff. He’s wrecked (16+ fantasy points) in his last three games and tonight faces the beatable Nick Martinez in a hitter’s park. He’s been at his best on the road and also gets his best possible splits against a right-handed hurler. Pearce feels like a solid try here, but we can also go right back to the Dodgers and use Yasiel Puig.

Puig has clubbed all 12 of this year’s home runs against right-handed pitching (8 have come at home) and he’ll face the beatable Gsellman tonight. He’s been hitting well and can obviously mash it, so he’s a solid pivot from Peace if you’re not into the Toronto slugger.

Hopefully our insight helps you make some strong FanDuel MLB picks tonight. Remember, we don’t really suggest using this lineup blindly at FanDuel, which is why we list our favorite plays that we use to fill out an example roster and offer some alternative options we can pay up for or pivot from. Keep that in mind as you build your daily fantasy baseball teams tonight, and as always, good luck!

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