Giants vs Phillies Odds and Predictions NLCS Game 6

For Game 6 Saturday at 7:57pm ET, we are back in Philadelphia, PA and Citizens Bank Park. After watching the Rangers take out the Yankees, the Giants are looking to do the same. No easy feat but still a similar task, though the Giants are on the road to finish it out. I thought Jonathan Sanchez could do the job in the second game, but against Roy Oswalt, in Pennsylvania is a hard proposition to come through in.

San Francisco Giants in this very same match up lost 6-1 in game two. Sanchez had a solid yet unspectacular start versus Oswalt, but couldn’t record an out in the seventh. Receiving no help from his relievers in a tough spot, sealed his fait in getting the loss. It is clear that if Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins go off, that all others will follow, but these two still are the key to the success of the NL East champions.

The Philadelphia Phillies should be excited to see their best pitcher in this series on the mound as Roy “The Oz” pitched a great game last time out. Most expected him to put his team in place for the win at home, but few thought he would give the best pitching performance to date in the NLCS. Cody Ross and Freddy Sanchez were the only hitters in game 2 for the Giants to touch up Oswalt as he strolled through eight innings and secured the series a game five.

San Francisco vs Philadelphia NLCS Game 6 Betting Odds:


Giants (+150)
@ Phillies (-160)


San Francisco +1.5 (-160)
@ Philadelphia -1.5 (+140)

Game Total:

Over (-125)
Under (+105)

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Giants vs Phillies NLCS Prediction for Game 6:

Moneyline Prediction (Top Play) — Roy Oswalt before game two, I could honestly say I would feel comfortable betting against him at least 3/4 opportunities. But if you see what he has done down the stretch and not to mention his undefeated record in a good sample of games at home in Philadelphia, you will be hard pressed to find a bettor taking Sanchez. A surprising record when you consider how long he called Houston home. Jonathan Sanchez let me down in game two and pitched around batters and wasn’t even close with a couple, that did not warrant any concern. So I was thoroughly disappointed with the game plan and effort and was guessing that he just didn’t have it to go at the big hitters for the Phils.


Game Total Prediction – If there is to be a game seven in Philadelphia look to see Cain versus Hamels and a lock of an under, but Matt Cain has dominated these playoffs not allowing a run. I am warned that he does not fair well at Citizens Bank Park. The number for game six however is set at a digit that I find to be right on the nose of where this one’s to land. I am seeing another 4-2 affair, this one will end up closer and I can only wish for another great performance from Roy Oswalt. Who actually pitched in relief on Wednesday and gave up just as much as in game two. So here is hoping that this situation does not hinder his surprise of a game seven for Philly fans.


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