Giants vs. Yankees Pick – MLB July 22nd

This isn’t something you won’t see very often: the San Francisco Giants playing at Yankee Stadium. The National League contending Giants, make the trip to the Bronx for a weekend series against the New York Yankees. Madison Bumgarner going up against Masahiro Tanaka isn’t something you see every day either. It’s too bad we don’t see a pitching matchup like this more often, because Bumgarner and Tanaka represent the class of major league pitching. The Giants are right back at the top of the mountain, looking like a team poised to make a serious run at the World Series. We’ve seen it before from the Giants in recent memory, as they captured the World Series in 2014, 2012, and 2010. After dropping a couple in a row, against another recent champion, the Red Sox, the Giants turn their attention to the Yankees. In fact, the Giants are currently in the midst of a five-game losing streak.

The five-game skid comes on the heels of four wins in a row for the Giants. Nevertheless, they are still in a good position, with a record of 57-38. The Giants have a hold of the NL West at the moment. The Yankees had some great things happening for them, a four-game winning streak in their favor. However, Chris Tillman and the Orioles were able to put an end to that yesterday. The O’s downed the Yanks 4-1, a bet that we were able to cash in on. The Yankees have to be careful here with the Giants. The Giants can afford to hit a minor hole, but the Yanks cannot afford to let the loss yesterday turn into a few more losses. Against the Giants, it’s a reasonable prediction to make. The pitching matchup of the evening in the Bronx tonight at Yankee Stadium. We take a closer look at this one and attempt to decipher a winner on Friday night.

San Francisco Giants vs. N.Y. Yankees

Madison Bumgarner (10-5, 2.12 ERA) vs. Masahiro Tanaka (7-2, 3.15 ERA)

For a pitcher with an ERA of 2.12, one would suspect that Bumgarner would have a better record than 10-5. Problem being here, he has fallen victim to a lack of run support in some spots. Despite holding the opposition to little damage, the offense has failed to help him out. In a recent loss, Bumgarner allowed just 1 run but was credited with a loss. In another he blanked the opposition, but he took a no decision against the Rockies. Nonetheless, Bumgarner has looked on top of things, posting a 2.12 ERA over the course of this season, and also a 1.71 ERA in his last three starts. He is on pace for his best season in the majors, which is saying something for a guy who has been so great throughout his career.

Tanaka has stayed healthy for the Yankees, and he has looked good. Staying healthy was part of the equation for Tanaka. He’s been able to get past the All-Star Break with a healthy bill of health. Without Tanaka, the Yanks would surely be well below the .500 mark. They’ve instead hovered around it and have a fighting chance at the postseason. Tanaka boasts an impressive record of 7-2, including a strong 3.15 ERA. He’s been at his best lately, posting a 1.96 ERA in his last three starts. But there is one big problem I have with Tanaka: Yankee Stadium gives him plenty of problems. He owns a 1.50 ERA on the road, but on the other hand, has a 4.71 ERA at home. Tanaka has fallen victim to the short porch of Yankee Stadium, allowing 10 deep balls compared to only 1 on the road. To me the Giants and Bumgarner are the play in this interleague battle Friday night at Yankee Stadium.