Mariners vs. Rangers Pick – MLB April 28th

The Josh Hamilton circus is finally over, as we have finally learned that he will be making his return to Texas after weeks of speculation. It seemed like a foregone conclusion that Hamilton was going to be back with the Rangers, so no surprises there. Maybe Hamilton will recapture some of the moments he had when he was in Texas, but it is safe to say that his glory days are over. I can say that the Rangers are just taking a flier on him to see what he has to give. After having a relapse the Angels had enough and shipped him off to Texas. This is Hamilton’s last opportunity at saving his career. If he can’t make it work in Texas he won’t make it work anywhere else. And if he slips up or isn’t performing, the Rangers I assume aren’t going to have the patience for it. Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious issue that goes beyond the diamond. Above and beyond anything else, hopefully he can get that under control before anything else. From a baseball perspective, it would definitely help if he can help the team out. The Rangers are in a state of fluctuation and long the days of when Josh Hamilton was in his prime years. We’ll see how it plays out.

The Mariners haven’t had much of an offense the greater part of over five years now. They’ve been winning games, not many I should add, with their pitching staff. Pitching was good, but the offense left a lot to be desired. In the last year they have addressed that and have added some good components to the offense, which attempt to bring the Mariners to a level where they can make the playoffs. They have gotten off to an up and down start, but there is still plenty of time for them to put together a solid campaign. In the list of recent additions that the Mariners are looking up to are Robinson Cano and Austin Jackson. Cano, the former Yankee, has gotten off to a .273 and 1 HR start. Around a month into the season those power numbers need to start going up. That is why they paid him the big bucks to come to Seattle and he hasn’t played up to expectations thus far. Former Tiger Austin Jackson fills a void in the lead-off spot, a hole they have needed to address since Ichiro left town. Both teams have similar records of 8-11 and 7-12, and are both in similar positions of expecting more from their ball clubs. Check below for the pick.

Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers

J.A. Happ (1-1, 2.61 ERA) vs. Ross Detwiler (0-2, 10.95 ERA)

Ross Detwiler is a name I either love to see or hate to see. Detwiler has spent some time in and out of the bullpen in his career. Last season out of the bullpen Detwiler finished with a 4.00 ERA with the Nationals. I do remember cringing a few times he came in while I had an UNDER or bet on the Nationals. This is his first return to the starting rotation since 2013, where he had an ERA of 4.04 and 2-7 record, so not much of a change. If the start of this season is any indicator, though, we are going to see a spike in that ERA. In three starts Detwiler has yet to allow less than 5 runs per game. Through 11 innings pitched, Detwiler has allowed 15 runs and 25 hits. 25 hits! Likewise, his WHIP has been out of control with a 2.59 and 4.78 OBP. In other words, in three games batters have reached base nearly 50% of the time. Another bad start like that and Detwiler will find himself in the minors pretty quickly. One time is a bad start, three times in a row there is something wrong, and a fourth will get you the boot out the door.

J.A. Happ’s claim to fame was when he got drilled in the head off a line drive while a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. Happ made his return and has to be feeling thankful he can still do so. He is a serviceable pitcher that can give you a good 6 or 7 innings. Happ is one of the middle tier pitchers that is neither great nor bad either. However, comparing up against Detwiler, Happ is a Cy Young candidate. He also has been pitching pretty well thus far this season. In all three of his early starts he’s given up 2 runs in each game, for a respectable ERA of 2.61. The Rangers have had a struggling offense this season, which can explain why Josh Hamilton will be returning. They are hitting only 2.10 and have scored only 1 run per game over their last five games. The Mariners have gotten the best of the Rangers lately, going 6-2 against them in their last eight meetings. The pitching staff on the Rangers is absolutely ravished. Literally no starters are healthy, including Darvish, Holland, Harrison, Tepesch, and Perez. Insert the services of Detwiler here. Look for him to struggle tonight. I feel this price should be higher in the Mariners favor, so I will gladly take what we are being given.