Mariners vs. Royals Pick – MLB July 9th

Hot and cold hasn’t really been a good way to describe the Kansas City Royals the past few seasons. They’ve been one of the most consistent teams without much deviation from course. In 2016 it’s been all or nothing. If you have rode the Royals when they have been hot, you’ve been having a nice season betting baseball. However, if you’ve caught them when they’re cold, you’re probably cursing their name to hell. The Royals, who are currently 44-42 after falling to the Mariners last night, have been either on hot runs or ice cold. They have ringed off 10 rows in a row, and then just as easily lost a bunch in a row.

There hasn’t been much consistency or rhyme or reason with them this season. The Indians continue to lead the AL Central with a record of 51-34. There is still a long way to go, the Royals are going to make another run I suspect, but is it going to be enough? They have to get out of this mentality and stop turning around and giving their wins away.

The Royals are now in the midst of a 1-5 run, beating the Mariners two nights ago, but losing last night by a score of 3-2. The Royals are in a funk here and are watching the Indians running away with the division. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Royals react in the second-half. Like I said, I think this team gains some momentum and gets on a run, but we see sometimes, where we wait on a team to get on that run but it never happens. They run out of time and are left wondering what just happened.

If it doesn’t come to fruition, the Royals have appeared in the last two World Series, with a win in it coming last season. Nothing to be ashamed about there. However, if they have a dynasty on their minds, they’re going to need to step it up. The loss of Moustakas is certainly showing. A guy who needs to step it up on the Royals is Edinson Volquez. Volquez gets the nod today, who has been shaky at best of late. The Mariners will counter with Wade Miley.

Seattle Mariners vs. Kansas City Royals

Wade Miley (6-5, 5.36 ERA) vs. Edinson Volquez (7-8, 4.87 ERA)

Our five-game streak of success with our picks came to an end last night. Chris Sale got rocked, but we’re looking to get back a win tonight. The Royals are hoping that Volquez doesn’t completely fall off a cliff, because at the moment, he is clinging to the ledge. The Mariners will hope to step on his fingers and send him over, as Volquez has been getting exposed lately, and they hope to do it as well. He was a pretty decent pickup for the Royals a year ago, where he posted a 3.55 ERA in 34 starts on the World Series winning roster. Volquez has pitched for a 9.88 ERA in his last three starts, with 11 runs coming against the Astros. He was hit for 4 runs in 6 innings his last outing.

Wade Miley and Edinson Volquez are a bit of a mere image of one another. Occasionally they’ve had their moments in 2016, but too often have had gotten rocked. Miley has recent starts where he got hit for 9 runs, and 5 runs twice. Miley hasn’t had much success on the road, posting a 5.63 ERA and 1.55 WHIP on the road this year. I think the Royals should be able to get the offense in motion tonight after getting shutdown 24 hours ago. I like a play on the OVER 8.5 for Saturday night.

PICK: OVER 8.5 RUNS (-120)