Phillies vs Giants Predictions and Betting Odds NLCS Game 5

Game five features a rematch of game one starters Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay. This one to take shape at 7:57pm ET tonight and is the last of three to take place at AT&T Park. San Francisco will claw tooth and nail, to end this one at home. Going to Philadelphia for two straight to finish out the best of seven is not even remotely ideal.

Philadelphia Phillies do not know if they can hold off the Giants, they are saying everything right, but have got to be rattled after losing last night. Doc Halladay is not an experienced playoff pitcher but I can tell you that he will keep these Phils in the game and give them a chance to win throughout. Both bullpens pitch well in relief of their aces, but the Phillies need the clutch hitting to make a dent and keep this series going.

The San Francisco Giants cannot feel any better after coming back to win in Game Four and sending their best pitcher to the hill on good rest. The Phillies will be coming out with all guns-a-blazin’ as they try to encompass some level of their skill before an exit from the 2010 post-season. Both pitchers experienced a level-up in competition and it showed as they were good, not great and failed to capture the almost perfect nine inning performances that they both exhibited in round one of the NLDS’.

Philadelphia vs San Francisco NLCS Game 5 Betting Odds:


Phillies (-123)
@ Giants (+113)


Philadelphia -1.5 (+140)
@ San Francisco +1.5 (-160)

Game Total:

Over (-105)
Under (+125)

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Phillies vs Giants NLCS Prediction for Game 5:

Game Total Prediction (Top Play) — A surprising number at first and I believed game one to warrant that number more so. Set at six for game one it barely went over at a final score of 4-3, but more alarming was that both starters combined for all the runs given up. I am betting most will bet this one over, to get it adjusted to over 5.5 to six before game time, so bet early to secure your number at five! I am predicting a final score of 3-2 and cannot see after the teams have seen these pitchers, how they will dominate them and pitch a scoreless nine. So a cautiously optimistic bet with the worst outcome being a push. Happy betting and this one should pay.


Run Line Prediction – As I stated in the above prediction the final score should be close once again, even though the Phillies have the power to run away with the game. Tim Lincecum is one big reason Philadelphia won’t put up big numbers, book it. I feel confident in offering up the runline and almost pulled the trigger on the moneyline. Though whenever a close series like this, extra’s are always a possibility and one play determines the game when available. Here’s hoping the Phillies don’t show up like the Yankees and actually give their ace the run support he deserves and needs to compete with the likes of Tim Lincecum.


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