Phillies vs Giants Predictions and Odds NLCS Game 4

Game four to take place at 7:57pm ET Wednesday, once again at AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA. In what sounds like an old-fashioned boxing match, Joe ‘Big Daddy’ Blanton faces Madison Bumgarner. The Giants are leading the series two games to one, but Blanton faced Matt Cain August 18th and won an 8-2 contest. So he has what it takes to match up, but as I learned last night an obscure stat being, not since 1939 has a starter had his first game in the playoffs this late and actually won.

The Philadelphia Phillies lost with Roy Halladay, lost with Cole Hamels, is Joe Blanton the answer? On paper the Phils should kill the Giants offering a killer pitching staff and lineup to boot. But you cannot measure the heart of a team that will fight until the 27th out is recorded. The disappearance of 3B Pablo Sandoval has some wondering how the Giants are winning. But he is o/for against Blanton so don’t expect to see him, but for a late pinch-hit. Big Daddy has good numbers against the Giants lineup, but has a 2-3 lifetime record and an ERA of almost five.

San Francisco decided on Madison Bumgarner and after his most recent performance, he is putting himself on the map as an awesome option to throw out there for any game in the playoffs. Having never faced the Phillies, their lefties are in for a tough night as he pitches them tough. None predicted that the only Phila. pitcher that could dominate the Giants would be Roy Oswalt? But it is true through three games. The experience is with Blanton, but Bumgarner is a diamond in the rough.

Philadelphia vs San Francisco NLCS Game 4 Betting Odds:


Phillies (+100)
@ Giants (-110)


Philadelphia +1.5 (-220)
@ San Francisco -1.5 (+180)

Game Total:

Over (+100)
Under (-120)

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Phillies vs Giants NLCS Prediction for Game 4:

Moneyline Prediction (Top Play) — The unpredictability seems to be leaning back to Philadelphia, but I like this San Fran. team. That is why I adequately predicted the win of Matt Cain last night and am a big proponent of taking them here. Blanton has the experience, but hasn’t even pitched in this years playoffs. Bumgarner has and flourished taking a game against the determined Atlanta Braves. I will cautiously stake the Giants to go up 3-1 and thus probably still go to 7 games with the studs to follow in games 5 & 6 for the Philadelphia Phillies.


Run Line Prediction – Two unproven commodities, usually smells like an over, but as the offenses sputter, who knows. Blanton’s numbers and the lack of a sample versus Bumgarner hurts the over immensely and Sandoval being placed firmly on the bench hurts a big inning for SFG. These teams are better off than there American League counterparts, in that they had the early and now late contests, whereas the ALCS played late and now and afternoon game. I don’t like the scheduling, but it keeps the Managers on their toes as to keep players fresh and happy to be more productive. I fear that they will just stand pat and the fans are to suffer with all Catchers being vital role players. Bumgarner makes this one stay under, the light hitting continues, highest total has been 7.


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