Rangers vs. Blue Jays Pick – MLB June 28th

The Toronto Blue Jays were slowed down yesterday at the hands of the Texas Rangers, getting blanked by a score of 4-0, as Gallardo made life hard on the Jays at the plate. The Jays’ offense has been on a major tear, and has been showcasing some of the offensive numbers they expected for the past couple of seasons. The talent is there for the Blue Jays, they’ve just had to put it all together. Currently the Jays are on the fence in my opinion, at 40-36 they could fall on one side of it or the other in the second-half of the season. Knowing their past in recent memory, can we have that much confidence in the Blue Jays? If we’re going to make a playoff bet on the Jays, and we look at the recent data, then no the Jays are going to be sitting out once again.

It would certainly be nice and refreshing to see them in the postseason. I believe the Rogers Center and downtown Toronto would be quite the scene for a postseason appearance by the Blue Jays. Take a look at how it was when the Raptors were in the playoffs for the past two seasons. Are you taking note, Leafs? I can’t imagine what the city of Toronto would be like if any team advanced deep into the playoffs. Win it all? The Vancouver riots will look like childs play. The Blue Jays have some work to do, but who knows with their offense if they can catch fire if they do make it to the postseason.

Deja-vu yesterday with our pick for Saturday. It played out pretty much the same way the Friday night did. Runs early, but the offenses simmered down to afford us another win on an UNDER 6.5. I got a nice +121 on that total, which made it even more satisfying. With it 3-2 late, a run from the Dodgers would have ended that, but the Marlins bullpen was able to take care of business, and prevent Kershaw from winning again this season.

Texas Rangers vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Chi Chi Gonzalez (2-2, 2.27 ERA) vs. Drew Hutchison (7-1, 5.33 ERA)

How does it feel to have a 5.33 ERA and have a 7-1 record? Just ask Drew Hutchison of the Blue Jays that question. Thanks to terrific run support for Hutchison, he’s been able to etch out a season in which he has 7 wins to only 1 loss. A 5.33 ERA signals disaster for most pitchers, and that is still the best barometer to measure pitcher success, but the offense has definitely picked up the rest for Hutchison. In his last two starts, he was able to get 8 runs from his offense in each of them. Looking at his record isn’t the best way to ascertain how he’s been pitching, though. For instance, in his last three starts he had an ERA of 7.62 with a 2.15 WHIP. However, he has been strong at home, posting a 2.38 ERA and 1.01 WHIP.

With all of the injuries to the pitching staff the Rangers have had to endure, Chi Chi Gonzalez has been a welcome addition to the starting rotation. Chi Chi is making his first start as a rookie in the majors with the Rangers. Despite one bad start, all of the other five have been good, including shutdown performances of the Royals and Athletics. The total is a little too high for my liking here. Hutchison has been fine at home despite the high ERA. Further, the loss of Josh Hamilton has really hurt the offense for the Rangers. They took a shot on bringing him back to Texas with the understanding that their offense is putrid. I think getting 9 runs in this matchup should provide us with enough room to cash an UNDER ticket, which is currently posted at 9.