Rangers vs Yankees Predictions and Odds ALCS Game 4

Waiting until the late morning to post the line as the game four starter was announced (AJ Burnett). Texas and New York are the second coming of the doubleheader setting to take off at 8:07pm ET Monday. Usually a safe spot facing Tommy Hunter for Texas, but with NYY being down 2-1, if they lose this one. They’ll be in tough as CC has already been chased from game one. Burnett posted an ERA over five and lost fifteen in 2010.

Texas Rangers took out Tommy Hunter after only four innings against Tampa Bay, something that probably saved the psyche of the 13-4 record holder. After going 8-0 to start the year, he went only 5-4 down the stretch and showed that when he didn’t receive massive run support he was just a mediocre starter and a four or five guy at best. He is only 24 and I know he can push up and be a solid 2-3 for the Texas Rangers in the upcoming seasons.

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The New York Yankees knew when they signed AJ Burnett that he has great skills, but he isn’t a great pitcher. Very inconsistent and un-hittable at other times, it has frustrated a lot of people from Florida and all the way to Toronto (his previous stop). He enjoyed early success against Texas in 2010, but good, turned to not bad and just went ugly after three starts versus the Rangers. All in that order, though losing two of three for New York, he went 1-0 in decisions. It is just an indicator of how he pitches, he may not lose games as a W/L record, but he can definitely pitch you out of games with uncontrollable speed. His numbers are decent against Rangers batters but the long ball is apparent in this one.

Texas vs New York ALCS Game 4 Betting Odds:


Rangers (+135)
@ Yankees (-145)


Texas +1.5 (-160)
@ New York -1.5 (+140)

Game Total:

Over (-115)
Under (-105)

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Rangers vs Yankees ALCS Prediction for Game 4:

Moneyline Prediction (TOP PLAY) – AJ Burnett may not figure into the decision but mark my words that he will have his fingerprints all over this game before it’s through. I feel like this is New York’s moment like Philadelphia in game two. But with Burnett there is way too many unknowns. He will have the arm to hurl the high fastball’s, but after not throwing in series one, will he have any touch and location on his pitches? Texas showed that they are relentless and once Pettite took his place in the dugout they pounced putting up an 8-0 score line and Andy only made one mistake to Josh Hamilton early, which was actually a decent pitch.


Game Total Prediction – The highest stated total I have written about as the previous used to be 7.5 before a nine mysteriously showed up. With these two “gas-cans” pitching they will thoroughly be tested as New York just wants to flex its muscles. But it seems that Robinson Cano is the one predictable x-factor, with his fluid swing and pension for gap-shots. It makes all the other Yankees batters look stiff and predictable. The only caution in taking the under is if Hunter doesn’t control things and needs to hit his spots, without walking these presently overrated Yankee batters.


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