Red Sox vs. Orioles Pick – MLB April 21st

The Boston Red Sox take to the road again, after a few nights in Toronto, they fly to Baltimore where the Orioles will be waiting for them at Camden Yards. The time spent in Toronto could be seen as a success, with the Red Sox taking two of three. It’s been a wild start for the Blue Jays, who are still trying to find a footing in 2017. The Red Sox gift packed another two losses for them to think about.

The Orioles are one of the harder teams to get a read on year after year. They’ll play the part for a month or two, and then look like a different club in other spots. The O’s have started 2017 out well, as they enter the weekend with a record of 10-4 following a 2-1 win over the Reds yesterday. The Orioles took two of three against the Reds in Cincinnati.

There isn’t much we can take from the first month of the season. Every game counts, but there aren’t many conclusions you can draw from April. This thing is wide open. If anything, we can say that the Blue Jays are playing god awful baseball and the Yankees are on fire, that we can all agree on.

The future for the Red Sox and O’s, though, it’s still tough to gauge. However, if the Jays continue to fall hard, the road to the postseason is going to be easier. Drew Pomeranz will get the call for the Red Sox tonight, while the Orioles will counter with Dylan Bundy. Get our free MLB pick below.

Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles Pick

Drew Pomeranz (1-0, 5.23 ERA) vs. Dylan Bundy (2-1, 1.86 ERA)

Bundy comes into this season hoping he can say goodbye to injuries once and for good. His whole career was derailed early, as Tommy John surgery wiped 2013, 2014, and 2015 off the books for him. Bundy was the second-best prospect in the Orioles’ system, so there have been expectations from him since he hit the majors.

Bundy pitched in 36 games last season, making for his first full-year. Now, in 2017, he is hoping to improve by putting the inconsistencies aside. Bundy was a little all over the place, ultimately finishing with an ERA of 4.02.

Bundy has gotten off to the start he dreamed of. A 1.86 ERA and 0.98 WHIP is just about all you can ask for. Perhaps this is the year his potential blossoms? In two starts against the Blue Jays, he allowed just 1 run, and against the Red Sox he allowed 3 runs in 6.1 innings. In his lone start in Baltimore, he posted an ERA of 1.29, with a 0.59 WHIP.

There is good Pomeranz and bad Pomeranz. With the Padres he was flawless last year, but the Red Sox picked him up to bolster the rotation for a run in the postseason.

He posted an ERA of 4.59 after joining the Red Sox, and he’s gotten off to a 5.24 in 2017. However, one bad start can skew the numbers significantly this early in the season with only a few starts. He also just drilled the Orioles in a 8-1 win. I think in Pomeranz first start on the road, Bundy will return the favor. This should be a good series this weekend, with the Orioles getting on the board first with a win on Friday night.


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