Red Sox vs. Rangers Pick – MLB May 31st

The Houston Astros dispatched the Chicago White Sox behind a dominating performance from Dallas Keuchel. Keuchel shut the White Sox bats down and the bats were able to get enough to earn a 3-0 victory. He allowed only 4 hits in the win and reclaimed his spot as being one of the best pitchers in 2015 after he got pushed around in his previous outing. Still not much respect for Keuchel in my opinion, as I thought the price in that game was a little low for him against Quintana at home. Keuchel continues to show no problems at home which he showcased last night. Quintana actually had a fine game himself, allowing only 1 run over 6 innings of work. We had the Astros at -1.5 which didn’t come to fruition until late in this one. Two solo jacks in the bottom of the 8th inning ultimately gave Keuchel a couple more insurance runs to earn the win. The Astros didn’t allow any in the top of the 9th, and as a result, the Astros have another win and we picked up a win as well.

Only baseball on the card today with no hockey or basketball to speak of. Pretty soon all there is going to be is baseball to be on so we better get used to it. Today we turn to Texas, where the state has been dealing with some historic flooding down south. The rain hasn’t impacted the Arlington area so they have been playing baseball without any interruptions. While the rain in the state has gripped the country, the return of Josh Hamilton to the Rangers has made headlines in the baseball world. Hamilton of course made his return to the Rangers after the Angels had enough of his antics by relapsing. He doesn’t seem too thrilled that the Angels turned their backs on him, but he has been playing well since returning to the Rangers. He is in familiar surroundings in Texas, so we’ll see if he can keep his head on straight in the south. The Rangers will look for the sweep today behind wily veteran Wandy Rodriguez.

Boston Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers

Joe Kelly (1-4, 6.24 ERA) vs. Wandy Rodriguez (2-2, 3.60 ERA)

The grand question I want to know here is how Joe Kelly went downhill quickly in his career? One minute he was looking like a promising young pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals after he posted a 2.69 ERA in his second season as a pro in 2013. The Cards seemed to do the right thing and wished well wishes to him and sent him off to the Red Sox. With the Red Sox, he went for a 4.11 ERA and then back with the Cardinals in the same season, he finished with a 4.37. You look for improvement in pitchers from year to year and Kelly seems to be regressing since that fine season in 2013. Now after nine starts in 2015, Kelly owns an ERA of 6.24 with a 1.45 WHIP and .332 OBP. Even worse than that, he has a 7.01 ERA on the road and a 1.56 WHIP. If we want to go further than that, his performances during day games have been dreadful with a total ERA of 8.79. Who knows what would have happened with his career if he stayed with the Cards after the 2013 season, but it is safe to say he is a long ways away from that kind of production from then.

On the other side, Wandy Rodriguez is still trying to recapture his glory years with the Houston Astros. I don’t see him ever getting back there, but he is still good for some good starts from time to time. He enters today with a 3.60 ERA in total and has had an unfavorable ERA of 4.86 ERA in his past three starts. However, in his favor this afternoon is the Red Sox’ offense. What I mean by that is their production against lefties, where they are hitting only .210. I’m not going to bet the house on this game by any means, but I think the Rangers get the sweep this afternoon over the Red Sox. I can’t trust Joe Kelly.