Rockies vs. Dodgers Pick – MLB May 16th

A walk-off from Nelson Cruz last night gave the Mariners a close 2-1 win over the Boston Red Sox. As predicted, the Red Sox lose to another left-handed pitcher and their difficult season continues. With no offense there and their pitching slipping away, the Red Sox find themselves back in a hard place. I can say one thing, Robinson Cano better give Cruz a portion of his paycheck because he has been the only one deserving of the big money. Cruz in on a tear which we all see again tonight, meanwhile Cano has yet to hit out of his slump, and only has 1 dinger and a below .300 batting average to show for his time with the Mariners in 2015. That is really the difference between them being above .500 overall and below it. When and if Cano gets it back into gear, the Mariners will be one of the better teams in the majors. J.A. Happ has looked to be a fine addition, as he’s been playing some of the best baseball of his career. Given the money they finally spent on offense, it didn’t allow the Mariners to go out and spend big money on pitchers, but Happ has alleviated that with the way he has been playing in Seattle.

We take a look at the Rockies and Dodgers tonight who are currently still on the field in the top of the 8th inning. The Dodgers had a big 6-0 lead behind Kershaw which has now been sliced to 6-4. That would be quite the blown game for the Dodgers if it does come to fruition, but regardless have been playing well overall lately. Kershaw looked like he was going to pull a Kershaw of last year and make it a complete game, but he got hit in the 7th to bring the game closer together. In other words, we’re in May and Kershaw hasn’t found himself yet. That looked like it was going to happen tonight, but the Kershaw we know doesn’t wear out in the 7th inning. Some fatigue perhaps after how hard they have worked him? Fellow Dodger Zack Greinke hasn’t dropped off and continues to play at a high level. He squares off against Jorge De La Rosa who has had his fair share of problems in 2015.

Colorado Rockies vs. L.A. Dodgers

Jorge De La Rosa (0-2, 9.56 ERA) vs. Zack Greinke (5-0, 1.52 ERA)

Greinke at this juncture has been exceeding last season, but I suspect by seasons end he’ll be around the ERA of 2.71 from then or 2.63 from 2013. Either way, he is setting himself up for another great year in LA. He comes into tonight with a 1.52 ERA with a 0.89 WHIP and .238 OBP after seven starts in 2015. In six of those seven starts, Greinke allowed 1 or no runs. Three were shutouts. He also has a 5-0 record to add to his stellar campaign.

De La Rosa is a career 5.00 pitcher. He has been around since 2004, so I am not so inclined to think anything is going to change for him. But even by his standards, he has had one heck of an awful season thus far. He has a 9.56 ERA in four starts with the longest he lasted being 5 innings. Expect a healthy dose of the Rockie bullpen tonight who already got a healthy workout last night. De La Rosa’s last start was against the Dodgers where he got belted for 5 runs. I don’t see much changing tonight, so I’ll be on the Dodgers to win by a couple or more runs.

PICK: DODGERS -1.5 (+102)