Blue Jays Royals Pick – ALCS Game 6

The Toronto Blue Jays did what they had to do force the ALCS back to Kansas City for a game 6 on Wednesday. Marco Estrada pitched a brilliant game and the Jays poured it on in the 6th inning to earn the 7-1 win over the Royals. Now it’s David Price’s turn to bring this thing to a 7th and deciding game. This is one of the most important starts of his life, and for a pitcher that hasn’t been his best in the postseason, here is his stage to prove everybody wrong. Important game for Price here who is looking for a monster payday in the offseason. Whether it’s with the Jays or not, Price is going to get his money. But if he gets shelled in game 6, is it going to hurt how much he’s going to earn in the offseason? I don’t think so, somebody will still give him big money despite his inefficiencies in the postseason.

Let’s get it out the way though, Price was not responsible for his numbers in his last start. He was pitching a great game before the gaffe by Ryan Goins in the outfield. Price gave up no runs before entering the 7th inning and that is when things unraveled for the Jays. There was no error given on that play, so all of the runs were Price’s responsibility, which in fact isn’t entirely the case. Just like game 5, this is a rematch between Ventura and Price. The Blue Jays were leading that game before they blew it in the 7th inning. The Jays have to avoid falling victim to a pattern where scored 11 three games ago, then 2, and 7 in game 5. The Jays have to put together two big offensive showings in a row. If the Royals win tonight the New York Mets will be waiting for them in the World Series, two teams with similar styles. We’ll see if the Jays can hold the plans for the World Series off a little longer with a win tonight in Kansas City. I have a 4-1 record in the ALCS this series, let’s look for more.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals

David Price (19-7, 2.77 ERA) vs. Yordano Ventura (13-9, 4.25)

David Price has yet to win a game in the postseason. He owns a 0-7 record and will be looking for his first tonight. He had one nice start with the Tigers and despite 5 runs allowed last start, I think Price pitched pretty well. There wouldn’t have been 5 runs scored if the outfield didn’t mess a routine fly ball up. Nevertheless, he has now allowed 13 runs in the postseason, not the best resume to say the least for the lefty. He has looked better on the road this season, with an ERA of just 2.05. Both of his better starts came on the road this postseason.

Note that Price has had a WHIP of only 1.07 in the postseason. He hasn’t been pitching that bad, or at least as bad as the media makes it out. Ventura on the other hand has been getting hit with a 6.57 ERA and a 1.78 WHIP to show he’s just been pitching plain bad. In only 12.1 innings pitched, Ventura has allowed 9 runs. The Blue Jays put another offensive showing on display tonight in my opinion. I think David Price is going to finally get the monkey off his back and win his first postseason ever. We may be in store for one epic game 7 in the ALCS between the Blue Jays on Royals.