Royals vs. Indians Pick – MLB July 28th

The Kansas City Royals have made sure that they were not just a flash in the pan last season. They were a game away from winning the World Series, a tough way to go down, but they’ve come right back to shoot the doubters down with a 60-38 record to this point. It will be all for nothing if they don’t make the World Series and win it all in my opinion. Once you reach the big game and don’t win it and you want more. The Royals have long been a team that doesn’t want to spend money, they do it by getting the most out of cheaper players. However, this trade deadline the Royals have gone a different route by signing Johnny Cueto. I said it numerous times that Cueto was going to survive this season in Cincinnati, they had to move him out. If they didn’t he was going to be gone in the offseason without the Royals getting anything for him. An already strong Royals team helped their cause with the addition of Cueto. The move makes the Royals the favorites to represent the American League in the World Series.

Even though the Royals have a 60-38 record and made the World Series last season, there is still the perception among the public that they are underdogs. News flash, the Royals are no underdogs and are good or better than any of the other top teams. It isn’t only the public that is doubting the Royals, it’s the odds makers as well. Time and time again the Royals get discounted prices because the public generally isn’t jumping on the Royal train. They don’t have any big names that jump off the page, so they don’t really appeal to most people betting on sports. The Cleveland Indians are far back and way out of the picture. This was supposed to be a Detroit Tigers/Kansas City Royals race, but this one is the Royals to lose here. Chris Young gets the nod for the Royals tonight, as he faces Trevor Bauer in Cleveland.

Kansas City Royals vs. Cleveland Indians

Chris Young (8-6, 3.32 ERA) vs. Trevor Bauer (8-7, 4.29 ERA)

Trevor Bauer was looking to have a breakout campaign in Cleveland, but he just hasn’t been all there to have a season that garners any kind of attention. He’s had his moments, but for the greater part of this season he’s had some issues. Surprisingly most of his problems have come at home, where he has a 6.16 ERA and 1.47 WHIP. In five of his last ten starts, Bauer has allowed 4 or more runs. In his last two starts he gave up 5 and 6 runs.

The Royals fire back with Chris Young, who hasn’t been spectacular, but serviceable. Young in recent years has made a living as a journeyman, sharing time in New York with the Mets, Seattle, and now Kansas City. Not much flash, but he has been getting the job done for the most part. What stands out here is how good he’s been on the road, posting a 2.49 ERA and 0.96 WHIP and .243 OBA this season. The Royals shouldn’t really be underdogs in this game, I find they should be the slight favorites. Therefore, a play on the Royals at +110 looks like a good one to me.