Tigers vs. Reds Pick – MLB June 17th

The Detroit Tigers and Cincinnati Reds take their interleague series over to Cincinnati for the next two days. The previous two were in Detroit, with the series coming to a conclusion tomorrow night in Cincinnati. The Tigers one from the Reds on Monday, before the Reds responded with a win yesterday. A quality pitching matchup awaits us Wednesday night between David Price and Johnny Cueto. The Tigers haven’t found their groove yet, having to contend with injuries and a lack of production from secondary hitters. The Tigers’ rotation previously, as recent as last season, was a dominant force. However, in 2015 all they’ve really had as a shutdown pitcher is David Price.

Justin Verlander just made his first start this season, and he looked pretty good for the most part. I don’t expect Verlander to jump back into a Cy Young role, he was regressing even before his injury, so Price is going to have to carry the Tigers in the AL Central. Max Scherzer is gone, Rick Porcello is gone, and Anibal Sanchez hasn’t looked himself other than his outing the other day against the Reds, a 6-0 victory. Alfredo Simon has been a good replacement for what they lost, but you can’t count on him to hold up to the fall. Verlander’s response holds a lot of answers for the Tigers, but the offense will have to get going as well.

Cueto is going to make a lot of bank this offseason with a new team, or is he going to be with a new team even before then? I think I said near the start of the season that it wouldn’t surprise me that Cueto is going to be wearing pinstripes next season, but that prediction may come true even sooner. The rumor going around is that the Yankees are going to make a push for Cueto before the trade deadline. The Yankees are on the bubble, and a player like him would definitely put them much further ahead than they are right now. Cueto is gone in the offseason, so it makes sense that the Reds should get something for him before they get squat in the winter. In any case, two of the best baseball has to offer are dueling tonight in Cincinnati. Get the sports betting pick below.

Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds

David Price (6-2, 2.44 ERA) vs. Johnny Cueto (4-4, 2.85 ERA)

The Reds’ Cueto had a short stint on the shelf for a couple of weeks, but has since made three starts since then. He looked good in two of them, before getting hit for 4 runs on the road in Chicago. Wrigley can be a tricky park to pitch in depending on the way the wind is blowing. And Cueto has always been a monster at home rather than on the road. Last season he was tops in the league pitching at home. Cueto has failed to have a bad start at home yet this year, not the biggest surprise knowing this guy. In 2015 Cueto has yielded an ERA of 1.25 in 36 innings pitched at home. He has parlayed that ERA with a 0.75 WHIP and .216 OBP for the Reds.

One pitcher that can go pitch for pitch with Cueto is David Price of the Tigers. He’s been doing it with every other pitcher, so why not Cueto tonight? Price enters Wednesday night with a 2.44 ERA, and even better his stats on the road. Away from home Price has felt most comfortable, posting a 1.75 ERA and 1.03 WHIP. He’s been playing the best baseball of the year lately with a 1.05 ERA and 0.97 WHIP his last three starts. It seems to me that Cueto and Price are going to take the stage tonight and be the center of attention. Given what we know there has to be a play made on the UNDER 7.