Twins vs. Tigers Pick – MLB July 19th

The Twins and Tigers do it all over again tonight at Comerica Park, a night after the Tigers got a close 1-0 win over Minnesota. All the Tigers needed was a solo shot by Justin Upton to give the Tigers another much needed win. Matt Boyd and the bullpen took care of the best, as they blanked the Twins along with only 3 hits. The Tigers got only 3 hits themselves, but they were able to get the hit that counted. Detroit needs Upton to come on strong as the season winds down in the second-half. The Tigers didn’t sign him in the offseason to be a roster, they need him to come up in clutch spots like last night. The Indians are currently 2 up on the Royals, which would widen the gap between the Royals and Tigers in the AL Central, but they won’t come any closer to the Indians if the score holds up.

Another thing the Tigers need is strong starts from the likes of Matt Boyd in the rotation. He is one of the outliers who would give the pitching staff an immense boost if he can stay hot like last night. The same goes for Anibal Sanchez, but that seems like a taller order. Sanchez is tired, dead tired. His arm isn’t holding up, he should be in the bullpen pitching an inning or two. The Tigers know this, he knows this, but nobody has any choice in the matter. Jordan Zimmermann would have this start if it weren’t for his injury.

Even Daniel Norris would have started in favor of Anibal here. As it is though, the Tigers will see what they get with Sanchez tonight. The Twins have been asleep on offense lately, scoring only 1 run in their last two games, with none last night. This is a big one for Sanchez, if he gets ripped by the Twins, there is no doubt that he cannot continue to start for the Tigers. They’re going to have to deep dig into the rotation.

Tommy Milone hasn’t been a bright spot for the Twins either in their rotation. We’ll see how it all unfolds tonight at Comerica Park. Note that this is a pick from the same series as our pick from last night, a pick in which we cashed on the Tigers.

Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers

Tommy Milone (2-2, 4.50 ERA) vs. Anibal Sanchez (5-10, 6.75 ERA)

Nothing has gone right for Sanchez this season. After the 3rd inning with him, all four wheels fall off and he goes off a cliff. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, he has a dead arm which will never be the same again. Due to injuries, Sanchez had to hop back into the starting rotation, beginning two games ago. Those two starts went nowhere, as he got ripped for 12 runs in two outings. He hasn’t made it out of the fourth inning since June 25th, a 4 runs against showing against the Indians. In his last three appearances, Sanchez has pitched for a 10.80 ERA and 1.80 WHIP, along with a monster .406 OBA.

Milone has been better, but that isn’t saying much. He has a 5.23 ERA on the season and 1.57 WHIP. Home has been fairly nice to him, but on the road he’s gotten rattled for a shaky 6.20 ERA. He’s yielded a 5.02 ERA and 1.67 in his last three starts. The bats were really quiet last night, with Justin Upton the only one to make something happen. I feel like we’re going to see the opposite tonight. I think we should expect a lot of runs and fireworks. The Twins have been in a funk, but Anibal Sanchez is exactly what the doctor ordered. Look for plenty of runners to round the bases, therefore, a play on the OVER looks like a solid play for Tuesday night.

PICK: OVER 10 RUNS (-110)