White Sox vs. Astros Pick – MLB July 2nd

The Chicago White Sox and Houston Astros face off in an exciting series, which features a team coming up strong and the other going into the failure category. The Astros started from the bottom and were there last season. Following a slow start to this campaign, the Astros are looking to erase the early season struggles and transform it into a success. A lot of people were looking dumb early on for taking the Astros to win the World Series. It almost seemed impossible at the time. However, this is baseball and things can change before you have time to blink. Those people are now looking pretty smart, especially those who caught a piece of the Astros to win the World Series when they were in that rut. The ‘Stros were on a big romp, winning seven straight games, and are currently in the midst of a four-game winning run. The Astros blanked the White Sox last night, 5-0, to get the weekend started off the right way with a win. Since the end of May, all the Astros have been doing is winning.

Houston has gone 24-8 since May 24th. And that is the Astros team we were anticipating. Thanks to this the Astros have elevated their record to 43-37. The Astros were well below the .500 mark, it feels like almost yesterday. Things were looking impossible in Houston, but take note, the Astros have awakened are going to be team to deal with through the summer. Slow starts are permitted in baseball, as making it up the rest of the way is quite easy for a good team. If they aren’t actually a good team, then we’d find out and they would continue to slide. By the looks of it, the Astros are certainly not a bad team, and perhaps one of the best in baseball. Crisis averted, Houston does not have a problem.

Chicago White Sox vs. Houston Astros

Chris Sale (13-2, 2.79 ERA) vs. Doug Fister (8-4, 3.36 ERA)

The White Sox and Astros have seemingly traded positions in the last two months. The White Sox had such a nice start and actually jumped out to the top of the AL Central. How quickly things change, as the White Sox have fallen back and in the same breathe, the Astros have excelled and has looked like one of the best teams in the majors. We’ll see if it keeps up like this for the Astros, but I’m fairly certain they are going to be a tough out going forward. Fister has been racking up the outs against opposing competition lately. He has improved drastically as well. He’s brought his ERA up to 3.36 from 4.00+ earlier in the season. Fister has posted a 3.43 ERA in his last three starts, and even better a 0.95 WHIP.

Chris Sale, has well, been Chris Sale. There isn’t really need for a description on Sale who has been yet another terrific pitching for the Chicago White Sox. His ERA has been great with a posted number of 2.79 thus far in 2016. Sale also owns an impressive WHIP of 0.98. He has been really special on the road, with a 1.99 ERA and 0.95 WHIP. His work of late has been solid as well, as he’s pitched for a 2.45 ERA and 0.86 WHIP. He is the first pitcher in the league to reach 13 wins. Sale has absolutely stumped the Astros during his career. Sale has torched them for a 0.66 ERA and 0.66 WHIP in five starts. The total looks too high for me. The play has to be on the UNDER 8.