White Sox vs. Tigers Pick – MLB April 30th

The Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers wrap up their weekend series with an early afternoon finale. The White Sox will be going for the three-game sweep after another win yesterday for them. They followed their 7-3 win on Friday, with a 6-4 win in extras yesterday.

At this point, the Tigers’ bullpen has to be thrown in a trash can and start from ground zero. They are inept, and I can assure you it’s not going to get much better in Detroit. Dead arms, inexperienced arms, and more are a part of the bullpen carrousel for the Tigers.

The starting pitching has been marginally competent at best, too. Jordan Zimmermann who was brought to Detroit to play an important role, has been rather unimpressive. The idea was that Zimmermann was going to plug up the hole that Max Scherzer left. It hasn’t really translated into the way the Tigers were hoping.

In his first-year as a starter in Detroit, Zimmermann posted an ERA of 4.87 and battled injuries throughout. Not exactly what the Tigers were looking for, and it most certainly didn’t pick up the slack for the absence of Scherzer.

Now, with other struggling on the pitching staff, his problems on the mound are becoming increasingly noticeable. And for the starting staff on the Tigers, they aren’t getting any help from the bullpen. The ensuing result is one jumbled up mess, and a team lost without an identity at the moment.

The White Sox could get a ton of confidence with a sweep of the Tigers on the road, though. A win would send them to 15-9, while the Tigers are in danger of dipping to 11-14. This is one wide open division, but the White Sox have done a solid job thus far. Get our free White Sox vs. Tigers pick for free at The Sports Geek.

Chicago White Sox vs. Detroit Tigers Pick

Miguel Gonzalez (3-0, 2.00 ERA) vs. Jordan Zimmermann (2-1, 6.35 ERA)

The White Sox have done a nice job, especially after losing their ace this past offseason. Chris Sale sailed off for Boston, with the White Sox searching for a replacement. Miguel Gonzalez has done a fine job at filling the void, thus far at least. He’s been a solid pitcher throughout his career in Baltimore and Chicago. In his first-year playing with the White Sox in 2016, Gonzalez posted an ERA of 3.73. In five years at the major league level, his ERA has elevated above 4.00 just once. You could certainly make the case that he’s an underrated pitcher. If he was on a good offensive team last season, his contributions would have been better noticed.

If Gonzalez keeps pitching like he has in April, there will be people taking note. He has an ERA of just 2.00, including a solid WHIP of 1.07. His last two starts have been impressive, as he’s allowed just 1 run in 16.1 inning pitched. Additionally, Gonzalez surrendered only 6 hits. More good news for Gonzalez against the Tigers, as he gave up 0 runs this past September against them in 2016.

As I noted earlier, Zimmermann has been struggling mightily. He enters with a 6.35 ERA overall, including a 8.10 ERA in his last three starts. He’s been allowing a plethora of runners on base, with a 1.86 WHIP and .416 OBA in his last three outings. In those three showings, Zimmermann allowed 5 runs in each.

The reasoning for the price in this game is related to the fact that the perception here is that the Tigers couldn’t possibly get swept at home to the White Sox. I think there’s a good chance of it happening at Comerica on Sunday. Get on the White Sox for our Sunday afternoon MLB pick.


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