White Sox vs. Yankees Pick – MLB May 14th

After a big start to the weekend for the White Sox last night, they will follow up their 7-1 win over the Yankees with Jose Quintana on the hump now. Chris Sale used to be the only automatic guy in the White Sox rotation, but now that Quintana has found a groove, they become much more dangerous. Dangerous has been right, as they move to 24-12 with the win last night. If you have been tailing the White Sox, you have been having some kind of start on the bases betting. Over the last month and a half they’ve been the best bet in baseball.

Odds makers haven’t afforded them big prices, so there has been plenty of value with this team. Sale for the most part is the only pitcher that was getting respect. Quintana? Not so much, but the sportsbooks are going to catch on if he keeps this production up. But we’ve seen in a lot of sports, odds makers are sometimes reluctant to, notably, because the public hasn’t caught on yet. I don’t expect too many casual bettors and observers to notice Quintana’s start.

I feel that the key to the White Sox continued success is in Quintana. We know that Sale is going to continue to pitch like the best in the Major Leagues. He has an ample enough sample size to tell us he is a stud. And Quintana has proved he can be solid too, but he hasn’t been pitching at this kind of elite level of the course of his career. Quintana has been in the majors since 2012 and every year has yielded an ERA between 3.00-4.00. That is consistency, however, it isn’t elite, and another elite pitcher on this staff is going to do wonders for the White Sox. This start may not be an image of smokes and mirrors after all.

The Yankees have had their ups and downs thus far, but for the most part, we would have to conclude the first month and two weeks has been a failure. 14-20 isn’t where they wanted to be, but I think it was expected. The Yanks do not have the All-Star clad pitching staff anymore, and Derek Jeter is in retirement. Their core is old at the plate as well. The best days of Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira are certainly in the past. There are going to be growing pains for them over the next few seasons, much to the chagrin to Yankees’ fans. Patience is going to be key, but I can’t say their fans are the most patient. Ivan Nova squares up with Quintana in the early afternoon, another guy who has seen better days. Found my pick below for Saturday.

Chicago White Sox vs. N.Y. Yankees

Jose Quintana (5-1, 1.38 ERA) vs. Ivan Nova (1-1, 4.34 ERA)

Nova had his moments with the Yankees early in his career, but he hasn’t panned out as the guy the Yankees were hoping for. I think the hopes were for him to turn into a solid number 2 guy in the rotation, but for the majority of his career, he hasn’t been able to live up to hose expectations. Nova has had two adequate years since 2015. He posted an ERA of 3.10 in 2013, which is his best season. However, he regressed significantly over the next two seasons, as well as battling injuries which negated his ability to build off 2013.

He fell to a 8.27 ERA and 5.07 ERA, he hasn’t been the same pitcher since his injury. Nova has primarily worked out of the bullpen with the Yankees in 2106. He got one start and has actually been great at home, posting a 0.75 ERA and 1.00 WHIP across 12 innings. In his last two appearances, he’s allowed only 2 runs in a little over six innings pitched.

The Yankees will have to figure Quintana out this afternoon, though. Nova could pitch brilliantly, but it may not be enough. He hasn’t allowed much, surrendering only 2 runs over his last four starts, 28 innings. Quintana hasn’t allowed more than 2 runs all season long, which accounts for his small ERA of 1.38. His last three starts produced a 0.86 ERA and 0.86 WHIP. This looks like excellent value with Quintana. It could be before long we don’t see him at this cheap of a price.


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