Who Will Win NL Central 2009?

We sit a handful of games from the All Star break for the 2009 MLB season and the NL Central looks like it will be an even tighter finish than last season. Currently the St Louis Cardinals sit a top the NL Central with the Milwaukee Brewers 2 games back, Chicago Cubs 3.5 games back, Houston Astros 4 games back, and the Cincinnati Reds only 4.5 games back.

Who will win the NL Central title in 2009? Very tough question.  With Albert Pulojos on fire this season the St Louis Cardinals look like they have a good chance to continue to stay at the top of the NL Central.  But possibly the Cardinals are doing so well because of the excitement of the All Star game being held in St Louis this year. The Chicago Cubs team won’t be going anywhere if they can’t pull together some wins on the road (16-25 on the road).  Milwaukee looks like a team that could do well in the playoffs, but they need to pull together a great second half just to make it there.  Unfortunately for the Astros and Reds fans it doesn’t look like either team will be able to win the NL Central, but who knows, at only 4 games back crazier things have happened in the MLB.

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Currently the San Fransisco Giants hold the NL wild card spot. Wait you just said the Giants are in a playoff spot? Yup, the Giants have a 47-38 record and sit 7 games back of NL West leading Los Angeles Dodgers.  There is still a lot of time for San Fran to slide down in the standings and bring one of the NL Central into the wild card spot though. Florida looks to be the only team in the NL East who can compete for a Wild Card spot, but I don’t see that happening this year. Not to be forgotten about in the NL wild card race is the Colorado Rockies who have been a tear as of late.  The best chances for a NL Central team to make the playoffs will be by winning their division, as a wild card spot out of the Central will be tough this year.

The Chicago Cubs Odds of Winning the World Series this year are a lot lower than they were at the start of the season, but I still do think they have a shot at it.  Looking at it from a betting prespective, my bet would be on the Chicago Cubs to win the NL Central, and I may even be placing a bet for them to win the World Series in 2009.  My second choice for betting on who will win the NL Central would be the St Louis Cardinals, but the payout on them winning isn’t too good right now.  Bet on who will win the NL Central at Sportsbook.com!

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