World Series Odds 2010 – Rangers Giants World Series Preview

The 2010 Major League Baseball World Series will be between the Texas Rangers (American League Champions) and the San Francisco Giants (National League Champions). The series to start Wednesday October the 27th, at a soft time of 7:57pm ET with a big amount of pre-game shows to air before the proposed first pitch. The National League’s SF Giants have the home field advantage with the NL team winning the All-Star game 3-1. A feat not realized since 1996 and not really worried about until the new rule instituted by Commissioner Bud Selig to give more emphasis to the game and result. The lowest scoring game since 1997. A look into this game offers a key play involving Texas Ranger Elvis Andrus over sliding into second base and being tagged out late with the next batter getting a hit in which he would have scored. Though they (the Giants) want to put out there that they would have had the advantage if it came down to records, finishing two games ahead of the Texas Rangers in 2010.

The Giants and Rangers both knocked off the “Big Dogs”, in the Yankees and Phillies and are now poised to both do big things and win this 2010 World Series. Neither team picked by experts to be here. The pitching has been there and they have the big names in Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. But they have always lacked the hitting. They can however, muster up the runs with a Free-Agent nobody wanted and a Rookie nobody pegged as a future Catcher.

The Rangers are the total opposites they didn’t have the pitching, most questioned the transition of great bullpen guy CJ Wilson being able to contribute as a full time starter. But their bats are what made them their ‘money’ in the past. Having two Home run Derby Champions in the last few years with Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton the power would always get them wins. But the emergence of Shortstop Elvis Andrus and the acquisition of Starter Cliff Lee is a big reason this team made it and in turn is making history with every win as the Texas Rangers surprisingly hadn’t even won a playoff series before the 2010 post-season.

All year the Texas Rangers have needed to push themselves, with early stumbles they quickly turned things around, not fully but enough to secure the AL West crown. The Rangers were the only team to win their division and finish under .500 on the road. Which only shows how good they were at home. A stat that they will need, to pull off the World Series victory and with only receiving a maximum of three games in Arlington.

San Francisco was pushed to the wire in 2010 as the San Diego Padres barely missed out on the Divisional win and the Wildcard (Atlanta Braves). So it was no surprise that the Giants were ready when the playoffs began as they had been playing action filled deeply personal pressure packed affairs down the stretch. San Francisco didn’t break the top ten in any major hitting categories but was top four in the top pitching statistics first in earned-run-average and batting-average-against.

Road to the Series for the Texas Rangers started in Tampa Bay where they dismantled the Rays and quickly went up 2-0 before heading back to Texas and completely giving into the Rays and which undoubtedly was the fact that Manager for the Rays, Joe Maddon waited to start Matt Garza in the third game. But the Rangers rallied back on their return trip to the Trop. Replaying the first game with Lee and Price and another 5-1 final to advance to the ALCS versus the New York Yankees. No game was close in this series and even in game one a 6-5 final in which they lost was a beat down before a collapse late to let the Yankees salvage game one. But the Texas batters quickly learned their lesson and put a good old-fashioned drubbing to the Yankees in three games straight, two being at Yankee Stadium. With NYY not being able to run out CC Sabathia once again, it was a foregone conclusion that the Rangers would finish it in six. Making it to the World Series after cold-calculating their opponents and leaving no doubt that they had just been beaten.

A Giant out of a mole hill, is the accomplishments of the San Francisco lineup in 2010. Picking up Cody Ross off of waivers late in the season was a stroke of genius and if the Giants win it. It will be the move of the year with the signing of Aubrey Huff a close second and leaving the acquisition of Cliff Lee third. After one run games and countless pitching duels and hitting deficiencies, SFG quickly dispatched of the Atlanta Braves. Without home field the Giants are in trouble most thought going into the NLCS, but the underdog supporters always held a calming cheer for this squad. In keeping Philadelphia close in almost every game the NL West champions had their ticket ready as surprisingly the only pitcher for the Phillies who gave the Giants headaches was Roy Oswalt. Whose numbers destroyed Jonathan Sanchez in game two and game six. But the bench boss for the Giants was smart in not leaving Sanchez to give a game away and took him out as he struggled to record an out in the third. Stymieing the offense the Giants kept it at a 2-2 score line and got a clutch solo shot from Juan Uribe to seal the deal after hi jinx ensued with the handling of their best pitchers. On to the next one was the theme as the Giants prepare to take on the Rangers at the Bay.

World Series Betting Odds:


Rangers (-140)
Giants (+120)

2010 World Series MVP

Cliff Lee (TEX) +500
Buster Posey (SFG) +800
Cody Ross (SFG) +1000
Bengie Molina (TEX) +2500

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Proposed Pitching Rotations for Texas v. San Francisco (October)
Game 1 Lee @ Lincecum 27th
Game 2 Wilson @ Cain 28th
Game 3 Hunter v. Bumgarner 30th
Game 4 Lewis v. Sanchez 31st
All of the above are proposed and can change very quickly and without warning.

Games 1 and 2 will be played at AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA and if necessary games 6 and 7. Scheduled as a 2-3-2 series the following games 3,4 and 5 to take place at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

An exciting tilt for baseball fans as these two ball clubs won’t be as known as the previous. 2009 NL and ALCS champions were well known and trumped as the next coming. So get to know these teams as they play baseball the right way. But another interesting angle is the improvement of these two throughout the season and playoffs. Giants won their series with a Home run, which Texas is known for and the Rangers won by playing a little small ball and running the bases. So look for this trend to continue and we will see some exciting baseball, good pitching and a team crowned as 2010 World Series Champions who has truly earned it.

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