Yankees at Tigers – Free Pick ALCS Game Four

New York Yankees -110 at Detroit Tigers +103 (Total: 6.5)

C.C. Sabathia vs. Max Scherzer

You might have heard the Yankees haven’t been hitting well…

I jest, but the proportional coverage of the Yankees hitting woes contrasted with the rest of major league baseball’s going-ons has been laughable.  Will A-Rod be in the lineup?  Not if it were up to Donald Trump (which it thankfully is not).  He went on radio airways and said he’d “fire him!”  Well, that’s helpful.  You’d think a man as financially shrewd as the Donald might have a slightly more intimate understand that “firing” A-Rod isn’t exactly feasible… and it doesn’t solve the dilemma of Texieria, Cano, Granderson, Swisher…etc… yet I digress.

The important issue – the Yankees have been scuffling tremendously, but can they rebound in time to salvage a game of this series, and more importantly, claw their way back into the series?  Everyone in the world has left them for dead, and sometimes in sports that’s exactly the way the underdog likes it.  So can the Yankees write Chapter One of an amazing comeback story tonight?  Doubtful.  But can they salvage a game with their ace on the hill?  I think it is likely.  Let’s take a look inside the matchups for a winning edge.

Any discussion of tonight’s game has to start with C.C. Sabathia.  Unforatunely for the Yankees, they are already down 3-0 before they got to their postseason-tested ace.  They are going to need a gem from him tonight to stay alive.  C.C. has been good in his postseason career, but perhaps not quite as good as you think.  Yes, he has a 9-4 record, but his 4.25 ERA is hardly the stuff of legends.  I think he will show up big today, but to expect a shutout is asking a bit much.  I think he gives them seven strong, and allows two or three runs.

So can the Yankee bats wake up enough to steal CC a win?  They are hitting just .182 in the series and have scored just five runs in three games.  However they did show some signs of life in last night’s ninth inning, and it is just difficult to keep expecting such a dismal output.  They have some injuries and some key guys slumping, but this is a team that hit .258 this season and averaged nearly a half run MORE than that Tigers at 4.92 per game.

It seems pretty counterintuitive, but I like the OVER tonight.  Sooner or later that Yankee bats wake up.  I like them to tally some runs tonight, but I also think CC’s mythology is a tad greater than his actual performance.  I like an eight or nine run affair tonight.  I have a feeling the Yanks stay alive, but my money is on the collective offenses of both teams.

Free Pick:  Run TOTAL OVER 6.5

  •  (Most books have the game at 7, I found it at Legends Sportsbook at 6.5) – if you can get the extra half-run somewhere, its beneficial…


Chris Scheeren / Author