Yankees vs. Angels Pick MLB – June 15th

The Philadelphia Phillies capped off a nice comeback last night to give us a 2-0 night. The Tigers RL was a nice hit as well if you decided to play that. Believe it or not, but Rick Porcello has been one of the best pitchers in MLB the last couple of weeks. The Twins’ offense never could get on track, and couldn’t even muster up a run against the clueless Jose Valverde even after he hit a batter. With a 4 run lead, even Valverde didn’t scare me at that point. Let’s take a look at the FOX primetime matchup for tonight’s pick.

Free MLB Pick:

New York Yankees +105 at Los Angeles Angels -113 (Total: 8)

David Phelps (4-3, 3.90 ERA) vs. Tommy Hanson (3-2, 4.12 ERA)

The Yankees and Angels figured to be in much better positions at this point in the season. However, both have been disappointments. The Angels went on a major tear a few weeks ago, winning over 10 games in a row. Since then, though, they have settled down and have gone back to being just an average club. The Yankees have faced their fair share of injuries, so they get left off the hook somewhat. It isn’t the same Yankees’ offense have been used to seeing over the year that is for certain.

The Angels took the first game of the series last night, downing the ‘Yanks 5-2. That has been the story for the Yankees this story: a lack of run production. They are currently in the midst of a 4 game skid, scoring only 10 runs combined, 2 in each of their last three games. Even going back to when they were winning, they were winning 3-2, 2-1 type games. They desperately need Curtis Granderson and Derek Jeter back in this lineup. It’s getting worse better it gets better, however, Kevin Youkilis is now back on the DL.

Before winning their last two games, the Angels were on a four game losing streak of their own, dropping two games to the Red Sox and Orioles. They’ll be up against right hander David Phelps tonight, a run of the mill average pitcher that has had his bright moments, but not so great as well. He isn’t a shutdown pitcher by any means, but will give you a solid effort. The same can be said for Angels’ pitcher, Tommy Hanson.

This game comes down to the Yankees putrid offense. I see them continuing their downward fall until they start getting some healthy bodies back. Mark Teixeira has returned, but something is still amiss with him, he doesn’t look like his usual self at the plate. I think after getting hot and then getting cold, the Angels will follow that pattern and go on a mini run again. Pitching matchup is even in this one, but there is a big advantage to the Angels offensively. They should build some confidence from their win last night, and pick up another victory at the hands of the Yankees tonight.

Free Pick: Angels -113