Yankees vs. Astros Pick – MLB July 26th

The New York Yankees and Houston Astros have a follow-up date tonight in Houston. The Yankees took a 2-1 win last night, leading into CC Sabathia’s start tonight. The Yanks are holding their breath on Sabathia or the rest of the season. It’s such a downer for Sabathia and the Yankees, who looked like he was in the process of turning his career back around. Say what you want about Sabathia the past few seasons, he was one of the best pitchers in baseball before he hit a wall. There is talent there, but his talent started to disappear. Michael Pineda paced the Yankees, with his best start of the year. Pineda gave up just 1 run and 5 hits on the evening, stymieing a hot hitting Astro team on the road. The loss gave the Astros their first loss in five nights. It was a wasted start for Dallas Keuchel who was great as well. Nevertheless, it’s a nice sign for the Astros seeing Keuchel getting back on track, going in the right direction as they charge forward toward a spot in the postseason.

Doug Fister will try and pick things up for Keuchel tonight, a guy on the Astros’ staff who has turned his season around as well. Overall the Astros have flipped their season around 180 degrees. Due in large part to guys like Fister. The pitching, as well as the offense have come full-circle for the Astros. In their last 30 games, the Astros have played well with a record of 21-9. If you bought the Astros to win the World Series as they were collapsing to open the season, you are sitting in a pretty position. The Astros may be an outright favorite to win the World Series before long. The ‘Stros aim for the win column tonight after the Yanks edged them out a night ago. We look to build on our win with the Blue Jays last night, and ride the momentum into a win on Tuesday.

N.Y. Yankees vs. Houston Astros

CC Sabathia (5-8, 4.04 ERA) vs. Doug Fister(10-6, 3.42 ERA)

There has to be a sinking feeling in the pit of CC Sabathia’s stomach. After working hard to get back in the realm of relevancy, things seem to be unraveling around him. After hovering around a 3.00 ERA for the greater part of the first few months of the season, he has watched his ERA fall all the way back to 4.04. His collapse has resulted in his poor pitching from the last month. Sabathia hasn’t enjoyed a solid start since June 16th. Since then he hasn’t allowed less than 4 runs in any start. He has allowed an average of 5 runs per start during this unfortunate stretch for him. His ERA has hit 6.62 in his last three starts, including a 1.64 WHIP and .357 OBA. The Yankees have a right to be worried with Sabathia. He needs to somehow find the same arm he had just over a month ago.

Conversely, it’s been a bit of a different story in the other clubhouse. Fister has progressively gotten better in the last month. In seven of his last ten starts, Fister has given up 3 or less runs. The Astros blanked the Athletics last start, allowing no runs and only 4 hits. Fister owns a 2.25 ERA and 0.95 WHIP in his last three starts. The price in this game is off in my opinion. It’s being set with the entire body of work from day 1. If you look at the last month though, Fister should be getting -170 at home against Sabathia. I like the Astros tonight, where I see us getting some value.