Yankees vs. Rangers Pick – MLB July 30th

The New York Yankees have gotten an unsuspecting boost this season from the most polarized player in baseball, Alex Rodriguez. Tell Rodriguez that and he’d probably laugh at you, because I’m sure he was pretty confident he was going to come back from his year-long suspension like this. A-Rod took a step further by belting 3 dingers in one game recently. In total Rodriguez has hit 24 homeruns with a .278 batting average. Not bad for a guy that people pretty well wrote off in the offseason. I had a feeling he was going to come back and give the middle finger to not only his doubters, but the Yankees organization. Remember when A-Rod broke Willie May’s 660 homerun record? Yeah, the Yanks didn’t want to formally recognize the accomplishment. You’re telling me that it didn’t spark A-Rod even more? I have to say it added more fuel to the fire for him. Say what you want about him, but he’s the reason you’ll find the Yankees in the postseason this year.

The Yankees will take on the Rangers tonight in the fourth and final game of the series. This series is most notable for the 21 runs the Yankees scored two games ago, 11 in one inning. Regression to the mean was almost certain, as they only scored 2 runs last night. The Rangers were able to bounce back for the 5-2 victory. The Yankees took the first two of the series, and the Rangers will try and pull out a split with a win tonight against Pineda and the Yankees. Read below for a look at the pick for Thursday night.

N.Y. Yankees vs. Texas Rangers

Michael Pineda (9-7, 3.97 ERA) vs. Yovani Gallardo (7-9, 3.19 ERA)

Michael Pineda came over from the Seattle Mariners a few seasons ago and figured to play a critical role for the Yankees. He looked like a promising youngster with the Mariners and the Yanks seized the opportunity to take him off their hands. However, injuries have derailed his fortunes and he has never been able to be a consistent pitcher. He has his moments, but he’s too all over the place to be considered a good pitcher. Maybe he turns it up the rest of the season, which would be huge for the Yankees. Pineda enters with a 3.97 ERA and 4.91 in his last three starts. On the road he’s posted an ERA of 4.50.

A lot of people thought Gallardo was robbed out of a spot in the All-Star Game, and I tend to agree. While he has been off in his last two starts, you can’t take away what he did in the first-half of the season. After two horrid starts on the road, Gallardo gets back to his home mound in Texas. That has been big for Gallardo, as he’s been much better at home than on the road. At home he holds a 2.43 ERA and has allowed only 4 runs in his last four starts at home. I think the price in this game is juiced up a little too high in favor of the Yankees. Getting Gallardo at home with a price of +128 is too much to pass up to me. Take a look at the Rangers tonight for an underdog Thursday pick.