Yankees vs. Red Sox Pick – MLB May 2nd

Sometimes losing picks just isn’t fair. Enter yesterday, where the Cubs thoroughly dominated the Brewers, but were able to only put a single run up on them. They out hit them by a margin of 8 to 3 and had all of the opportunities in the world to tack on another run or two before the game was finished. Castro had a chance with 1 out and the bases loaded to bust the game wide open, but he unfortunately came up with a double play to squander that opportunity to at least make it 2-0, which would have gave us the win. Then in the bottom of the 8th they had one last chance with a runner in scoring position and weren’t able to tack on another run. It sucks, but it’ll happen, lose the ones that probably should have been a win. Getting a 20 and the dealer hits a 21 will happen sometimes at the table, too. While it wasn’t exactly a bad beat per se, it definitely was a kick to the midsection. NHL has been extremely profitable for me in the playoffs, so I’m thankful for that.

Saturday’s always bring a big card to the table, and today sports wise, there is no bigger card than today. We have the Yankees and Red Sox kicking the day off, and then the Kentucky Derby follows, with the climax coming tonight in the Mayweather vs. Pacqiuao fight in Las Vegas. What a day for sports bettors more specifically, as there is a big matchup to bet throughout the entire day, from the afternoon to night. Or if you are on the west coast, the morning until night. We are taking a look at one of those big matchups today, as we get things started in Boston with the Yankees and Red Sox rekindling the rivalry. Not the most glorious pitching matchup on the mound, but I think we can exploit it. Read below for the pick.

N.Y. Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

Nathan Eovaldi (1-1, 4.15 ERA) vs. Wade Miley (1-2, 8.62 ERA)

Pitching hasn’t been so kind to the Red Sox this season, that is an understatement. If Wade Miley, a recent addition from the Arizona Diamondbacks keeps pitching the way he is, then it is going to get worse before it gets better. I should say, if Miley is even around in the rotation if he continues at this rate. I mean, it is hard to say he could possibly do that, because how it looks now he couldn’t get much worse than he already is. Miley comes in against the Yanks with an ERA of 8.62 and has looked rather uninspiring, and a poor pick up for the Red Sox at this point. In his last three starts, Miley has yielded a 11.32 ERA and 2.13 WHIP. In a start against the Washington Nationals he conceded a 27.00 ERA and 3.43 WHIP. This is a big start for Miley on a pretty big day. There will be a lot of eyes on him this afternoon against the rival Yankees.

He might get relief due to the fact that his opponent opposite him, Nathan Eovaldi, hasn’t been particularly effective either. He is loading up the bases as well, entering today with a WHIP of 1.66. Between the two, they’re putting an average of 4 base runners on per inning. He doesn’t have a great ERA with a 4.15, but looking at his WHIP and OBP of .381 it could be a lot worse than that. He is very thankful he isn’t in the plus 5.00 range considering the amount of base runners he is affording other teams. Despite a low scoring game yesterday, the Red Sox and Yankees have gotten into high scoring affairs. Before yesterday, the OVER hit five straight times and was 7-2 in their last nine meetings. I believe that Eovaldi and Miley will be able to get that trend back on track. The OVER 9.5 looks good to me. Enjoy your Saturday!

PICK: OVER 9.5 RUNS (+117)