UFC Fight Night Las Vegas Betting Pick: Casey O’Neill vs Lara Procopio

Casey O’Neill is making just her second appearance for the UFC and is getting a pretty tough opponent here in Lara Procopio but this is a winnable fight for the Scot turned Aussie/Thai now living in the fight capital of the world in Las Vegas, USA.

You have to love the gypsy spirit of young Casey O’Neill or at least I do because I have the same spirit. Her fighting spirit, though, we don’t really know yet. We haven’t seen Casey pushed to the brink.

She is a very talented mixed martial artist with quite the high ceiling in my opinion, a higher ceiling than her opponent this Saturday, Lara Procopio. Casey has a much more natural frame for fighting and is honestly built more like a 135er than a UFC Flyweight.

O’Neill looked sensational in her debut after more or less bullying her way into the UFC from what I saw of her regional scene bouts in Australia. She has spent time in Thailand training as well which I love.

Please Note:
I believe this one will play out on the feet and I think the more athletic fighter, the longer fighter, the bigger fighter overall is going to get the nod from the judges.

BetOnline.AG has the betting odds for this fight. Let’s take a look and make a quick pick!

Lara Procopio (-155) vs Casey O’Neill (+135)

Guys, I get it. We slept on Lara and she made everyone pay when she beat the overhyped Molly McCann, another UK fighter who was more athletic than her…kinda like Casey O’Neill.

This is the narrative and I fully understand it but the money has actually come in on Casey O’Neill since this one opened up with Lara a little higher at (-175). If the betting odds were flipped, then I would agree with them and we wouldn’t have an edge.

Casey is pretty solid here, though, at (+135). She is unproven but fighters almost always look 30-40% better in their second bouts than they do their debuts and Casey put on a clinic albeit a slightly sloppy one in her first ever time fighting inside of the Octagon.

Lara didn’t have a bad debut herself losing a hard fought decision to 135er Karol Rosa and then, of course, rebounding well against Molly Meatballs.

I know Lara has the experience and is the better grappler but we are talking about the first girl picked in gym class vs the last. Procopio will struggle to get Casey down and I think it will behoove the Xtreme Couture trained Casey O’Neill to keep this one standing.

Use her speed, athleticism, and jab.

Procopio could keep up with the lumbering Rosa at 135 but O’Neill is an athlete. I think this one is a striking match and Casey wins a decision in probably 5 out of 10 times these two fight.

Well, her odds to win a decision are (+300). There is your pick.
The Bet
O’Neill by Decision

In Conclusion

I like this fight for Casey. She could very well come out there and Lara really show us how green she is but I don’t think so.

Casey has been putting in work around the world.
That makes a difference. Thailand, Australia, Scotland, England, Vegas. The list goes on for young Casey and I don’t know if she will shine on Saturday night but for 3 to 1 odds to win a decision, I will take it.

Get your picks in and enjoy the show on Saturday!


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