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We’re taking a closer look at UFC on ESPN 37’s main event, Kattar vs Emmett. The Kattar vs Emmett odds have been provided by Bovada, one of our top MMA betting sites. Place your bets on our Kattar vs Emmett picks before June 18th, 10:45 PM ET to get in on the action. You can also bet on the full card with our preview.

Top Kattar vs Emmett Betting Pick

Kattar has proven himself against wrestlers and clinch fighter style fighters. Emmett fumbled to Stephens and Desmond Green, both fighters far below Kattar’s caliber. Now 37, Emmett will struggle to overcome the size and striking volume advantages of Kattar 

Top Pick for Josh Emmett Fans

Look to the Over for your best outcomes. The Fight Completes 1 Round Prop bet is a good pick if you think Emmett can out-strike him. Kattar is yet to be knocked out, despite losses to solid strikers. Use that to your advantage and expect Emmett to show up conservative his first five round outing. 

Calvin Kattar -240 vs Josh Emmett +188

Kattar is at -240, meaning oddsmakers give him a 71% chance of winning overall, versus Emmett’s 35% chance. We agree; Kattar wins this fight seven of ten times. Emmett could win with the right gameplen and more importantly, the right judges. Austin Texas may produce judges we are unfamiliar with. 

Money Line and Method of Victory Odds for Kattar vs Emmett 

Bet  Kattar Odds  Emmett Odds 
Money Line  -240 +188
Win by Points +129 +475
Finish by TKO or Disqualification  +190 +400
Finish by Submission  +2000 +2500
Inside the Distance  +200 +400
Win in Round 1 +600 +1200
Win in Round 2 +850 +1600
Win in Round 3  +1400 +2200
Win in Round 4 +2000 +2800
Win in Round 5 +2500 +4000

Let’s look at a winning round breakdown for Kattar vs Emmett to help us determine which pick makes sense. Unrepresented rounds mean no finishes for that category. I’m avoiding any Round Calling props due to the average ending rounds of Kattar vs Emmett. 

Ending Rounds in the UFC Kattar vs Emmett

Round Kattar  Emmett 
1 2 2
2 1 2 (1 TKO Loss to Stephens)
3 1 1
3 Round Decision 3 (2 Loss to Zabit and Moicano) 6 ( 1 Loss to Green)
5 Round Decision 3 (1 Loss to Holloway) 

Both fighters have a slight lean toward the decision, despite being viewed as power punchers. Kattar knocked Stephens out in round 2, while Stephens knocked Emmett out in round 2. This bit of information doesn’t point to much, other than that Emmett will likely come out conservative, and bide his time before engaging in a firefight with Kattar. 

Over Under and Round Betting Odds for Kattar vs Emmett

Bet  Over/Yes Under/No 
1.5 -450 +300
2.5 Rounds  -220 +165
3.5 Rounds  -165 +125
4.5 Rounds  -145 +110
Fight Goes the Distance  -125 -109
Fight Complete 1 Full Round  -800 +475
Fight Complete 2 Full Round  -325 +230
Winning Round 1 +475
Winning Round 2 +550
Winning Round 5 +1600

The Over 1.5 rounds is a great bet, and I think Emmett will show up to win rounds rather than finish in his first five round fight. This strategy should slow the pace, making the Over 2.5 rounds a great bet as well. Kattar has never finished a five round fight. That’s right, Kattar has focused on decision fighting and winning rounds, never driving the pace for a finish as a main event. 

Double Chance Bets 

Bet Odds
Kattar by TKO or Decision  -200
Emmett by TKO or Decision +200
Kattar by Submission or Decision EVEN

A Kattar submission shouldn’t be overlooked. In five round bouts we saw more submission finishes mostly because of conditioning and damage. Emmett shoots in late, and Kattar has occasionally gone for submissions from the clinch. 


Tale of the Tape for Kattar vs Emmett

Fighter Calvin Kattar  Josh ‘The Fighting Falmer’ Emmett
Age 34 37
Height 5’11’’ 5’6’’
Reach/Stance 72’’ Orthodox  70’’ Orthodox 
Record 23-5 17-2
Submissions/TKO in UFC 0/4 0/3
Fighter Training Camp New England Cartel  Team Alpha Male 

Emmett’s only advantage on paper is his total losses, undefeated outside of the UFC. However, Kattar has fought more ranked opponents, including now retired undefeated Zabit Mogomedsharipov. 

Kattar vs Emmet UFC Stats For Betting Picks 

Fighter   Calvin Kattar Josh Emmett 
Strikes Landed, Absorbed per Minute  5.19, 7.65 4.28, 4.1
Takedown Accuracy, Defensive Percentage  29%, 89% 47%, 58%
Takedowns in Last 3 3 1
Control Time in Last 3  4:53 2:40
Striking Accuracy, Defensive Percentages 41%, 52% 29%, 62%
UFC Record  7-3 8-2

Emmett throws a lot of fients and strikes from outside distance to find range, these count against his overall striking accuracy percentage. It also costs him valuable energy that he won’t be able to spare in a five round fight. Kattar would be closer to 60% defensive accuracy without his fight with Holloway, landing 445 strikes. 

Kattar vs Emmett MMA Breakdown and Betting Prediction

Here is the video for both finishes with Stephens. Emmett gets caught flush with a looping left hook and Stephens gets away with an illegal knee. Kattar lands one of his laser right straights. Whenever Kattar has the reach advantage, he’s in his comfort zone. I don’t think Emmett can take a flush shot from Kattar. 

Against Giga, Kattar showed new skills, especially in blocking strikes. Giga was forced to move forward and chase Kattar early on, leading to him exhausting himself early. Emmett tends to play the outside, but with Kattar’s reach advantage, I don’t know how he’ll win exchanges in that position. 

Here is the Emmett overhand right that finishes Johnson. They don’t look fresh in the third, and I think the Emmett doesn’t look great at blocking from range, it just so happens that Johnson was missing. He even flinches at an incoming front kick that could have done real damage. 

Bet the Over 2.5 Rounds prop or Kattar Money Line for high percentage bets on Kattar vs Emmett at UFC on ESPN 37. 

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